Saturday, August 15, 2015

Haunted Karaoke 猛鬼卡拉OK

 Released Year: 1997
Directed by 邓衍成 Tang Yin Seng

Casted by:
陶大宇 Michael Tao as 左轮 Cho
黎耀祥 Wayne Lai as 鸡翼 Yik
陈法蓉 Monica Chan Madam 徐 Tsui
苑琼丹 Kingdom Yuen as 飞机莲 Lin
罗兰 Helena Law as 龙婆 Long
A gangster has burn down a karaoke center during Chinese Ghost Month and caused 27 innocent people die in the burning. Long called out their spirits to get revenge from the 3 person who cause the fire. Cho & Yik are requested by the spirit to help them or else both of them will be killed just like Lin. To get the gangster head from taking off his amulet, they got Madam Tsui to seduce him and finally the spirits got the chance to attack their enemy and get their hatred free~
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Not bad but the storyline is very predictable... Scary point is less compare to other same series of movie, feel like Michael Tao and Wayne Lai take turn to strip naked in underwear lol~ 

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