Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RoboCop 1987

Released Year: 1987
Directed by  Paul Verhoeven

Casted by:
Peter Weller as Officer Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Nancy Allen as Officer Anne Lewis
Ronny Cox as OCP Senior President Richard "Dick" Jones
Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer as OCP Executive Robert "Bob" Morton
In a dystopian near-future, the city of Detroit gives mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) control of its struggling police force. The company plans to replace the poor, run-down sections of Old Detroit with the high-end "Delta City," but must first address the city's high crime rate. As an alternative to existing law enforcement, OCP senior president Dick Jones offers the prototype ED-209 enforcement droid, but it accidentally kills a board member during a demonstration. The OCP chairman, nicknamed "The Old Man", decides instead to back Jones' young rival, Bob Morton, and his experimental cyborg police officer program, "RoboCop."

Meanwhile, police officer Alex Murphy is transferred to Old Detroit, where he is teamed with officer Anne Lewis. On their first patrol, they tail a gang of bank robbers, led by ruthless crime lord Clarence Boddicker, to an abandoned steel mill. Inside, Lewis is incapacitated; and Murphy, attempting to make an arrest, is surrounded, brutally maimed, and killed by the gang. His body is taken to a lab at OCP and rebuilt as RoboCop. He is given three primary directives — serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law — as well as a fourth, classified directive.

RoboCop succeeds in stopping several crimes in the city, earning him attention from the media. The police are both awed by his skill and efficiency and concerned that he will eventually replace them. Meanwhile, RoboCop begins to have flashes of his old life as Murphy, including a dream of his brutal murder. Lewis, who has deduced RoboCop's real identity by observing his mannerisms, reminds him of his real name before he departs to locate his killers. He finds a gas station being robbed by one of Boddicker's gang members, Emil Antonowsky, who inadvertently reveals his part in Murphy's murder. RoboCop learns of Emil's connection to Boddicker, then interrogates Leon Nash, another gang member, on Boddicker's whereabouts.

For his success with the RoboCop project, Morton is promoted to vice president, angering Jones. One night, while Morton takes cocaine with two models, Boddicker appears, scares the models into leaving, and shoots Morton in the legs. He then plays a recording of Jones explaining that he sent Boddicker to kill Morton for going over his head. Boddicker places a grenade on a table, out of Morton's reach, and leaves the crippled executive to die in the resulting explosion.

RoboCop finds Boddicker at a cocaine factory and, after a massive shootout, tries to kill him. However, Boddicker reveals his affiliation with Jones, who effectively runs the police; and RoboCop arrests Boddicker instead. RoboCop then attempts to arrest Jones at OCP headquarters, but suddenly short-circuits. Jones reveals that he planted the hidden Directive 4, which prevents RoboCop from taking any action against an OCP executive, and confesses to killing Morton. He sends an ED-209 and the police force to kill RoboCop, but Lewis helps RoboCop escape and takes him to the steel mill where he was murdered to recover. RoboCop, now displaying more of his former personality, learns from Lewis that Murphy's wife and son moved away after his supposed death.

Fed up with the continuing murders of officers and the increasing pressure on them from OCP, the police force goes on strike, causing a spike in the city's crime level. Jones sends Boddicker and his gang to finish the job of destroying RoboCop. Using a tracking device provided by Jones, the gang finds RoboCop at the steel mill; but RoboCop and Lewis manage to subdue and kill them. RoboCop then returns to OCP, where he walks in on Jones offering the company board the ED-209 as a replacement for the striking police department. RoboCop reveals Jones' role in Morton's murder, showing a recording he made of Jones as evidence, but states he cannot act against Jones because of his fourth directive. Desperate, Jones takes the Old Man hostage and demands a helicopter for his escape. The Old Man immediately fires Jones from OCP, nullifying the restriction of Directive 4. RoboCop shoots Jones and sends him flying out a window to his death. The Old Man thanks RoboCop and asks for his name, to which RoboCop replies, "Murphy."
  L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, i'm not a big fans of RoboCop franchise movie, but as a "self claim" professional movie blogger (lol), i decided to give it a try and rewatch the first movie which i has totally forgot about the details and storyline. Well, the first movie talks about how RoboCop came from and of course how he defeat the bad guy thingy... Kinda ok, but still not really attract me :P

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