Monday, August 31, 2015

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

Released Year: 1978
Directed by Elinor Karpf & Steven Karpf

Casted by:
Richard Crenna as Mike Barry
Yvette Mimieux as Betty Barry
Kim Richards as Bonnie Barry
Ike Eisenmann as Charlie Barry
The Barry family acquire a German Shepherd puppy after their old one dies in an accident. They buy the puppy from a seemingly friendly fruit vendor who is actually a satanist who bred the dog during an evil ceremony, causing it to be possessed. They sell the dog to wreak havoc in the hope Satan will overcome good once and for all. The dog acts very strangely when they bring it home, leading the father Mike, and the family maid to believe there is something wrong with the dog. Mike believes so after the maid is killed in a fire while she was watching the dog, and himself being forced to stick his arm into a lawnmower while the dog is present. Mike barely avoids having his arm chopped off and soon, the dog begins to exhibit mental control that allows him to kill, injure, or control many victims. Eventually, the family's souls are possessed by the hound causing them to act strangely, including Mike's son framing a student by stealing a watch and planting it in a classmate's locker, allowing him to win the student election. Mike decides the dog has overstayed his welcome when he finds a secret shrine to Satan in the attic. Mike tries to shoot the demonic beast to put an end to the hardships, but it is unharmed.

Realizing the dog is possessed, Mike finally makes a special trip to Ecuador to determine how to destroy the animal. Unfortunately, there is no way to kill it, but if you hold a holy symbol to its eye, you can imprison it in Hell for 1,000 years. He takes it to a showdown at his work plant, but there the dog turns into a demon and begins to wreak havoc. When he is cornered by the monster, he holds the sign he made on his hand right up to the beast's eye. This causes the beast to be engulfed in fire and be imprisoned, getting his family's souls back. The final scene shows the family loading the family car for a vacation, and one of the children mentioning there were several more puppies the vendor was selling, suggesting there are more satanic dogs and that it is not over yet.
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
 I kinda like the storyline actually, but too bad the horror part is not strong enough to make the movie a blast. Its very difficult to shoot a dog as an evil, usually well trained and calm dog will be in this kind of movie, but they are not fierce enough... If the producer really find a fierce crazy dog in it, there might be some unhappy incident happening in this case...

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