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02:00AM 夜半两点钟

Released Year: 1996
Directed by 钱永强 Andy Chin

Story 1: 化装 Make Up

Casted by:
黄伟文 Wyman Wong as make up artist
徐濠萦 Hillary Tsui as make up assistant
羅冠蘭 Lo Koon Lan as Kuen
陈宝莲 Pauline Chan as Eva

Make up artist and his assistant were called by the dead Eva to give her a good make up. They don't believe it at first, but due to poor status, they have to face their fear and finish the make up for Eva...

Story 2: 猛鬼电视台 Haunted TV Station

Casted by:
 黎瑞恩 Vivian Lai as Vivian
周文健 Chow Man Kin as Michael 
陈宝莲 Pauline Chan as Eva

Vivian and her friends were angry of superstar Michael who use them as scandal. They followed Michael and realize he was being seduced by Eva's spirit. Eva is pissed off with the 3 girls and haunt them down in the tv station.

Story 3: 幽灵广告 Spiritual Commercial

Casted by:
徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as Loong
陈小春 Jordan Chan as Chun
唐麗球 Joan Tong as Mrs Chan

Loong and Chun has to find few boys to act in a commercial at the village, they spotted Mrs Chan's son. But they also realize there is a boy spirit who has been following the boy and make a disaster on the commercial...

L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
Finally finish the whole 3 films of this series. This second movie is not as good as the first but better than the third movie. Overall not bad, 1st & 3rd story freaks me out a bit, but the 2nd story can improve a lot to make this film better~

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