Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Eye 10 见鬼10

 Released Year: 2005
Directed by 彭順 Danny Pang & 彭發 Oxide Pang

Casted by:
陈柏霖 Wilson Chen as 得仔 Dak
杨淇 Kate Yeung as May
梁洛施 Isabella Leung as April
Ray MacDonald as 长贵 Gui
古宇 Gu Yu as 高辉 Fai
4 teenagers from Hong Kong (Dak, May, April & Fai) went to Thailand and look for their friend Gui. Gui shows them the 10 ways of seeing the ghost.
1. 杯仙 Ouija
2. 室内撑伞 Open an umbrella at indoor
3. 敲碗 Bowl hitting
4. 捉鬼藏 Hide & Seek
5. 涂尸泥 Corpse's mud 
6. 倒著看 See between your legs
7. 夜半梳头 Comb your hair at the midnight
8. 和死人交换眼角膜 Use dead people's cornea
9. 孕妇跳楼身亡 Pregnant lady suicide
10.  终极见鬼法 - 去死 To die

5 of them practice these 10 ways (actually only 8, excluded no8 & no9) and they manage to see the ghost. But they never realize its a path leading them to the hell...
 L² Scored: 8.5/10 

L² Comment:
This is one of my fav among "the eye" film franchise, though it might not be as good as the 1st & 2nd movie, but it added up some spice of comedy and energetic feeling in the whole movie. I just wonder after this movie, how many types of ways anybody use to see the ghost? lol

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