Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ebola Syndrome 伊波拉病毒

 Released Year: 1996
Directed by 邱礼涛 Herman Yau

Casted by:
黃秋生 Anthony Wong as 阿雞 Kai
陳妙瑛 Marianne Chan as 阿霞 Har
王翠玲 Wong Tsui Ling as 周丽丽 Lily
尹揚明 Wan Yeung Ming as 楊國立 Yeung
羅莽 Lo Mang as 餐館老闆 Boss
張璐 Lulu Zhang as 餐館老板娘 Lady Boss
Ah Kai is a wanted convict from Hong Kong who escapes to South Africa after killing his former boss and his boss's wife. In South Africa, he works at a Chinese restaurant and one day travels with his boss to a South African tribe that is infected with the Ebola virus. Kai sees a dying infected tribe member and rapes and kills her, contracting the virus. Kai, however, is immune to the infection. He becomes a living carrier, spreading the disease to others through body fluids. He ends up killing his new boss and his boss's wife, but not before spreading the virus to them. He then cuts up their corpses and serves them as hamburgers in the restaurant, effectively spreading the virus all over South Africa. He then further spreads the virus when he flees back to Hong Kong, to all the people he has contacts with.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Well, I have to watch something that is more excited in the ghost month, so i decided to go for this psycho slashing movie, which is a bit similar like previous Anthony Wong's The Untold Story. Both storyline is roughly the same except this one is about spreading the scary virus that are quite famous in South Africa during that time. Anthony basically is good in this kind of character, what makes it scarier is, he is too good...yuck!!!

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