Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Gigolo 2 鴨王2

Released Year: 2016
Directed by 姜國民 Venus Keung

Casted by:
何浩文 Dominic Ho as 何巨峯 Fung
文凱玲 Connie Man as Monica
林莉嫻 Leslie Lam as Isabel
林子善 Jazz Lam as Dick
鍾采羲 Iris Chung as Sushi
麥家琪 Teresa Mak as 二筒姐 Yi Tung
何華超 Tony Ho as 大 Deal 哥 Big Dog
梁敏儀 Winnie Leung as Mona
After Fung Ho claimed to be top of his career, he is now a semi-retired gigolo and runs a nightclub named High X. Monica and Sushi are two best friends who are extras in film and television for survivals. At Sushi's birthday party, Monica gets to know Fung when she cant find a taxi to get home and Fung offers to drive her back. After filiming, Yi Tung, a madam comes to the set and asks Sushi if she wants to go for a boat party where there are rich guys. Sushi asks Monica along too despite her reluctance. Halfway throughout the boat party, Monica receives a sms from her elder brother that her mother has been sent to the hospital. She panicks as she is unable to go onshore. She meets Fung who is at the party too and he decides to take her back onshore on his speedboat. After fetching her mother home , Monica holds a family meeting with her siblings to decide who takes care of her mother but her siblings refuse to take the responsibility and she falls out with them. Her mother also has to undergo surgery. In order to get enough money for the high-cost surgery, Monica decides to join Sushi to be a prostitute. However, she is shy and nervous about sex, especially about anal sex and blowjobs. Sushi recommends her to Fung to learn the sex craft and after some coaching by Fung, she manages to overcome her problem and becomes an expert at pleasuring men. She also fell in love with Fung while being coached by Fung.

After she graduated from Fung, she sees Fung together with another girl Isabel, a lawyer who is going to be married and feels unhappy as a result. Sushi and her boyfriend Dick want to buy an apartment and are short of cash. Yi Tung recommends them to Big Dog but Dick feels apprehensive as he heard of gigolos being injured terribly while being hired by Big Dog and his wife Mona for sexual services. However, Sushi insists on accepting the offer. During the process, Sushi and Dick are killed by Big dog and Mona due to rough treatment. Monica and Fung saw the news of Sushi being murdered and decide to take revenge on Big Dog and Mona.

After that, Monica and Fung get married, but during the wedding, Fung is murdered by a few thugs hired by Isabel's husband as he found out that Isabel is having Fung's baby when he himself is sterilised.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
 After one year, The Gigolo is out with the sequel but i think there won't be anymore sequel after this because the main actor has been killed in the end of the movie. I scored this sequel as the same with the first movie as i think it also give us surprise and not only stick to the same storyline like the first movie. This time Dominic didn't show us too much of his body while Connie & Iris are showing us more on their body. Not a bad story, hopefully there's more of this kind of genre movie appeared in Hong Kong soon...

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