Friday, June 3, 2016

Return of the Cuckoo 十月初五的月光

Released Year: 2015
Directed by 葉念琛 Patrick Kong

Casted by:
張智霖 Julian Cheung as 文初 Man Cho
佘詩曼 Charmaine Sheh as 祝君好 Kwan Ho
陳喬恩 Joe Chen as 琪琪 Kei Kei
薛家燕 Nancy Sit as 朱莎嬌 Sha Kiu
唐文龍 Michael Tong as 萬金勝 Kam Sheng
馬浚偉 Steven Ma as 司徒禮信 Lai Shun
汪琳 Irene Wong as 汪海琳 Hoi Lam
鄭則仕 Kent Cheng as 陳萬山 Man Shan
Several years has past after the TV series. Man Cho continues his life as a local errand boy, supplying people with food and items in the local streets of Macau. During this time, Man Cho meets a beautiful mute girl, Kei-Kei. The two share a romantic bond as both communicate through sign language and many thought the two will tie the knot until the unexpected return of his beloved step-sister, Kwan-Ho. Kwan-Ho returned to give her mother, Qi, a surprise visit before Man Cho escort Kwan-Ho to her hotel room. The two smile at each other and Kwan-Ho mentions how great it was to see him again. Unknown to everyone, Kwan-Ho just lost everything in her life.

Kwan-Ho suspected her husband, Szto Lai-Sun, of having an affair. After the couple argued, Lai-Sun thought it would be best to take a drive with the kids to calm their minds, but that's when they had an auto accident and killing everyone in the car. In an instant, Kwan-Ho lost everything and also blamed herself for the tragedy. She returned to Macau in part to see her friends and family one last time before she attempted suicide. It wasn't long when the entire family finally got word from the in-laws and Man-Cho found Kwan-Ho unconscious. She had slit her wrists and tried to bleed out in the hotel tub; Man-Cho immediately took her to the emergency room for treatment and she survived. However, the doctor warned Kwan-Ho's loved ones that she's dangerously suicidal and will likely attempt suicide again without a watchful eye upon her.

For several days, the family would take exhaustive turns watching over Kwan-Ho. Man-Cho would burn a fair amount of his money to entertain Kwan-Ho as she gambled everything away. Despite watching over her, she still attempted suicide via drug overdose. Man Cho attempt to change her mind by challenging her to do a bungee base jump off Macau Tower. Despite his intense fear of heights, he did it in attempts to cheer her up and it partially worked as he peed in his own pants while falling down. Throughout this time though, Kei-Kei would experience doubt and confusion. She thought she had Man-Cho, but ever-since the return of Kwan-Ho, she has been sidelined and has been frustrated over the situation. As time past, Kwan-Ho would find a reason to live again and resumed the old life she had with her family.

One fateful night, a major rain storm happened. Man Cho asked Kwan-Ho to help pick up Kei-Kei from a bus station, but an unexpected landslide happened and buried Kwan-Ho within. Perfectly covered within the mud, no one would know Kwan-Ho was trapped inside except for Kei-Kei. Wrought with anger and jealousy of Kwan-Ho's hold over Man Cho, she pretended nothing happened and Man Cho came to pick her up. However, as they drove away, Kei-Kei's conscience changed her mind and she told Man Cho what happened to Kwan-Ho; he rushed out to dig her out and rescued her. After Kwan-Ho was confirmed alive and well by the doctors, Man Cho had a chat with Kei-Kei. She realized she never had Man-Cho's heart and the two parted ways.

Some time would pass and Man Cho has been suffering from occasional blurred vision. He has been keeping the matter to himself to his family to avoid their worries. Man Cho has been suffering from a growing blood clot after hitting his head from saving Kwan-Ho from that landslide. The family eventually finds out after he faints in front of everyone. The family doctor warned him he needs neuro surgery soon or he'll die. However, there's a major risk, there's a chance he'll suffer permanent memory loss. The family agrees to the risk as not taking the surgery will mean certain death. Upon their final moments before surgery, Man Cho declares to Kwan-Ho that they'll be together this time, no matter what. After the surgery, Man Cho wakes up to tell Kwan-Ho that everything is fine. To Kwan-Ho's happiness, he didn't lose his memory, however, the truth is unknown. Man Cho wrote a note for himself to recite to Kwan-Ho when he awakens, suggesting he lost his memory, but he wanted to calm her worries even if it means a delayed inevitability. The story would have an open ending, unsure of the fate of Man-Cho and Kwan-Ho.
L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
This is one of the strike back of TVB drama which now in the big screen. Cho gor gor & Kwan Ho is the couple that has been going through a lot of sadness in the drama & now they are still not able to really be together in the movie. Kei Kei is not the obstruction of them but i believe the memory lost of Cho gor gor is the sad thing which will eventually create some issues within them, but the director cleverly did not show it and let us have more imagination after the movie... will there be any sequence? Nobody announce anything after a year & maybe yes or no.... :(  

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