Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Keeper of Darkness 陀地驅魔人

 Released Year: 2015
Directed by 張家輝 Nick Cheung

Casted by:
張家輝 Nick Cheung as 黃永發 Fatt
張繼聰 Louis Cheung as 阿葱 Chong
郭采潔 Amber Kuo as 江雪 Xue
蔡思貝 Sisley Choi as 方紫寧 Ning
釋延能 Shi Yan Neng as 黑哥 Hei
余文樂 Shawn Yue as 劉江 Jiang
Fatt is a famous exorcist & living with Xue, a ghost who has passed away many years ago. Xue taught him how to be an exorcist without hurting the people & animal who has been used by ghost as a living object.

Fatt & his apprentice Chong, together with the help of Ning, they try to solve the issue of the great evil ghost Hei who has been hurting people around. In the end, Ning let Xue used her body to bid farewell to Fatt on her last day...  
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
Well, its been a bit disappointed after watching this movie. The whole movie is not that scary at all comparing to its trailer, some more this is the second horror movie Nick Cheung has been directing. Won't consider to watch it again because it will not change my mind towards this movie~

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