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Mural 画壁

Released Year: 2011
Directed by 陳嘉上 MH

Casted by:
邓超 Deng Chao as 朱孝廉 XiaoLian
孙俪 Betty Sun as 芍药 ShaoYao
闫妮 Yan Ni as 姑姑 The Queen
邹兆龙 Collin Chou as 孟龍潭 LongTan
柳岩 Ada Liu as 雲梅 YunMei
谢楠 Xie Nan as 翠竹 ChuiZhu
包贝尔 Bao Bei Er as 後夏 HouXia
安志杰 Andy On as 武士 Owl
郑爽 Zheng Shuang as 牡丹 MuDan
莫小棋 Monica Mok as 丁香 DingXiang
曾志伟 Eric Tsang as 不動和尚 BuDong
In a quiet temple, Xiao Lian staring at a drawing which contained the world of flowers. Due to the over focus, Xiao Lian's spirit has unconsciously went into the drawing and he met MuDan, one of the flower angel in the drawing. The Queen of the angel is a strict person who dislike man, to avoid Xiao Lian get into trouble, MuDan beg ChuiZhu to bring Xiao Lian to hide but herself was caught by The Queen and put into the dungeon for disobeying the rules.

Xiao Lian flash out from the drawing, but he worried about MuDan and brought along his servant Hou Xia & a bandit Long Tan back into the drawing to save MuDan. They met ShaoYao who is The Queen's assistant and Xiao Lian falls for her beautiful look while Hou Xia has his feeling for another angel YunMei. The Queen found out the 3 man's appearance, not only she did not kills them but offer them to marry her angel in order to get new born baby and plan to kill them off if a baby girl is born. Long Tan greedily marry YunMei as wife but divorce her on the second day. After that Long Tan chose DingXiang as his wife again and also seduce another 3 angels to be his woman. 

To stay at the world and avoid The Queen, ShaoYao & Owl's suspicious, Xiao Lian chose ChuiZhu to marry while Hou Xia marry with YunMei. ChuiZhu freaked out but after knowing Xiao Lian is tricking The Queen, she agreed on this fake marriage and helps to look for MuDan. On an event, ShaoYao told them MuDan has yet to die, other angels force her to bring them to MuDan. By saving MuDan, ShaoYao sacrificed herself to be put into the dungeon. They plan to leave this place, but MuDan realize Xiao Lian actually falls for ShaoYao but not her. MuDan went to ask forgiveness from The Queen and hope to get ShaoYao return in peace. The Queen is angry with the angels and plan to kill both ShaoYao & MuDan; but Owl fought back with her and sacrifice himself to get ShaoYao & MuDan back to safety. All angels forms up to fight against The Queen but The Queen great power has killed all of the angels & the 3 men who are here.

BuDong monk came into the drawing and told The Queen not to be so evil. He also told her that he has never forgotten The Queen. Melted by the words of her old lover, The Queen returns everyone's life and agreed to leave the place with BuDong. The Queen has passed her authority to ShaoYao and let her lead the angels. Not able to accept Xiao Lian, ShaoYao let him go in sadness. Xiao Lian sudden flash back and realized himself is in the quiet temple again staring at the drawing while nothing has ever happened... 
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment
This is one of the story from 聊齋 Liao Zhai which I think has never been filmed before. This movie has once hit the number one place in China's blockbuster in 2011. The whole movie is not bad but not sure how much changes it has been make comparing to the original fiction. However, the storyline seems ok just a few part which is kinda bored. Luckily the whole movie is still ok and I won't feel sickening compare to The Monkey King which I just watched.

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