Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Fox Lover 白狐

Released Year: 2013
Directed by 牛朝陽 Niu ChaoYang

Casted by:
 張智霖 Julian Cheung as 王元豐 Wang Yuen Feng
鍾欣潼 Gillian Choong as 小翠 Xiao Cui
惠英紅 Kara Hui as 狐母 Madam Yu
高虎 Gao Hu as 海蝠王 Hai Fu Wang
陳哈妮 Chen Ha Ni as 紅蓮 Hong Lian
殷果兒 Yin Guo Er as 靈兒 Ling Er
關智斌 Kenny Kwan as 智精 Zhi Jing
The film opens with Madame Yu conversing with Lord Weng and his son, Yuan Feng, who has been suffering from a mental disability for three years. In return for a favor Lord Weng did for Madame Yu, Madame Yu offers to Yuan Feng the hand of one of her many daughters. After seeing them all, Yuan can still not decide until the arrival of Willow. Upon seeing her, he picks Willow as his bride. Madame Yu then hands Yuan one of Willow' s hair clasps, claiming that this will make Willow his. Madame Yu informs Lord Weng that he and his son are in a dream, and that they should come to meet her and Willow that night. After their departure, she informs Willow of Yuan Feng's choice. Willow however has no desire to wed, and pleads with her mother. Madame Yu eventually convinces her to at least meet Yuan.

As Yuan, Ji Yao, and Lord Weng make their way to the meeting point, they are attacked by the Sea Bat King and his minions. Lord Weng is carried off by the minions before Madame Yu and Willow arrive, and quickly dispel the bats. Willow meets Yuan Feng, and Yuan Feng clutches her, crying that his father is gone as Willow half heartedly comforts him. Madame Yu takes Ji and Yuan to the home of the Fox Fairies, where she and her daughters, save Willow, witness the death of Lord Weng at the hands of the King. Madame Yu, distraught, attempts to head out to avenge Lord Weng, but is stopped by her daughters who ask for time to prepare.

Willow in the meantime is spending some time with Yuan Feng. When he embraces Willow, she asks if he will never let her go. As he states he won't, he is stabbed with a flying knife, an arrow, and set afire, all while holding Willow. Willow believes he truly loves her, until some of her sisters, led by Lotus, coax Yuan Feng into saying the same thing to them. Disheartened, Willow throws herself on her mother's mercy, and Madame Yu relents, saying that they will be taking Yuan Feng to a local medicine man, Master Chaye, who will be able to help awaken the power within Yuan Feng. Once he has been awakened, he will forget all of the past three years, including Willow, and can choose another bride.

Together, Madame Yu, Willow, Lotus, Ling, Ji Yao, and Yuan Feng set out to meet the medicine man, leaving the remaining sisters to protect the Valley from the Sea Bat King.
L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
Among all the monster/spirit... I love foxy the most, but this movie is a bit disappointed seriously... The director focus more on the color and effect and forget about the storyline, it is too long for god sake... Overall its not ok, if compare to the fiction which has been writen so many hundred years ago~ i consider this is a FAIL movie !!!

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