Monday, June 1, 2015

Black Ransom 撕票风云

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by 姜国民 Jiang Guo Min

Casted by:
任达华 Simon Yam as 张博文 Man
苗侨伟 Michael Miu as 何湛森 Sam
刘洋 Liu Yang as 小月 Eva
陈法拉 Fala Chen as 古国强 KK
瞿颖 Qu Ying as 珊 Shan
安志杰 Andy On as 高达 Da
黄德斌 Kenny Wong ass 冰王 Ice
Sam is an ex tiger cubs and he get into gangster after his brother was killed. To investigate his brother death, Sam met up with Eva, his ex girlfriend for help to find the murderer Ice. Man as an intelligent police officer trace Sam and wish to arrest him. Man's daughter accidentally discover the hideout and was caught by Sam and later on caught by Ice. Finally in a gun fight, Sam was killed but he is happy to finally meet Man.
L² Scored: 1.5/10

L² Comment:
If by reading the chinese title, it is not really related to the movie. The storyline is not exciting and the few actresses seriously need to improve their acting skill~ Just depends on Simon and Michael is not enough to save this movie from disaster~

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