Friday, June 5, 2015

Me & Mr X 1: Us Against The World 我和X先生1:就算世界与你为敌

 Released Year: 2015
Directed by 张文爽 Zhang Wen Shuang

Casted by:
王秋韩 Terrence Wang as 宋小可 Xiao Ke
官乐霄  Aris Guan as 梁浩然 Hao Ran
Xiao Le and Hao Ran is classmate, Xiao Le get bullied by girls and Hao Ran (the popular boy) came to his rescue, after that they always stick together. A girl told Hao Ran about her feeling for him, but Hao Ran said he was with Xiao Le.

This make the bitch mad and she inform everybody that Xiao Le is a homosexual and Xiao Le wass bullied again by the whole school. Hao Ran protected him, even though he was beat up badly. In the end Hao Ran kiss Xiao Le on his lips. Xiao Le decided to be brave and be with Hao Ran no matter how the world is against them. 
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
A short romantic LGBT movie, love the story, even though its a bit normal and expectable. But hey, Aris is so cute! Jst feel like wanna kiss him lol~ Btw, there is a few upcoming mini movie from this "Me & Mr X"... stay tune~

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