Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Horrors of the Black Museum

Released Year: 1959
Directed by Arthur Crabtree

Casted by:
 Michael Gough as Edmond Bancroft
Graham Curnow as Rick
June Cunningham as Joan Berkley
Shirley Anne Field as Angela Banks
Frustrated thriller writer Edmond Bancroft owns a private "black museum" of torture instruments. He hypnotises his assistant Rick to commit increasingly horrific crimes for Bancroft to write about. Rick has been going out to murder those pity victims after being hypnotize. Including Joan, who is the mistress of Edmond and Rick even murder his own girlfriend Angela as well. While feeling sad on it Rick murder Edmond and killed himself in the end to ends all these tragedy.
 L² Scored: 1/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, i don't know whether this movie should be even consider under the horror category. The museum did not say much on the horror part and it definitely seems "not-scare" to me~ The storyline is very predictable and well... normal~ 

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