Sunday, March 8, 2015

Enthralled 愛尋迷

 Released Year: 2014
Directed by 陶杰 Chip Tsao

Casted by:
关楚耀 Kelvin Kwan as 星 Shing
吴国耀 Christopher Goh as 贤 Adam
徐天佑 Tsui Tin Yau as 乐 Lok
罗霖 Candy Law as Linda
盛朗熙 Joy Shing as Snowy
刘碧丽 Mandy Liew as Julie
3 friends have a gathering after a long breakup, they found each other from facebook - Shing, Lok & Adam. Adam managed to tackle beautiful Julie from the bar during gathering. Julie happens to be the wife of a politician. Julie review to Adam that the politician was sleeping with an under-age prostitute and later on Adam use it to release to the press and cause a big hoo-ha out of it. Adam never knows that his action later bring himself into trouble. The politician husband hire somebody to knock Adam down by a car.

Shing in another hand met a rich woman who just about to get divorced. Shing wanted to use the money of this lady to achieve him dream by opening his own saloon. But Shing is a bisexual and sleep with Linda's son, Andrew, this was found by Linda and she was pissed off. Shing agreed to break off with Linda's son but in exchange of a big amount of money and request for a travel to Niagara Fall together. Linda tried to kill Shing at the fall but slipped and killed herself instead.

Lok is a sad teacher who was mainly because of his sick mother. His mother wanted to find his father for the last time before she passed away, Snowy is Lok's student who is from China and she tried her best to help Lok. Finally they found Lok's father and realize he is a homosexual but he refuse to go back and see Lok's sick mother. Lok can't take the pressure of his mother passing away and Snowy leaving him to back to hometown and in the end killed himself with the pistol his father left for him,

On the new year eve, 3 friends were supposed to meet up again, but only left Shing behind who enjoys his night with Andrew.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Initially, i did not plan to watch this movie as it was not in my "to-watch" list yet, but i decided to give it a try since i kinda like Candy Law when i was young. Wow, this movie is not bad... beside the hot bed scenes, i really like the storyline especially for Shing's part ;) 

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