Friday, March 6, 2015

Dream Home 維多利亞壹號

 Released Year: 2010 
Directed by 彭浩翔 Pang Ho Cheong

Casted by
何超儀 Josie Ho as 鄭麗嫦 Cheng Lai Sheung
陳奕迅 Eason Chen as boyfriend
徐少強 Norman Chui as 父親 Father
鮑起靜 Paw Hei Jing as Mother
葉璇 Michelle Ye as 懷孕女戶主 Pregnant lady
單立文 Pal Sinn as 男戶主 Pregnant lady's husband
周俊偉 Lawrence Chow as 安仔 An
麥浚龍 Juno Mak as 軍裝警員 police officer
In Hong Kong, Cheng Lai-sheung works two jobs with the hope of earning enough money to buy her own apartment with a view of the Victoria Harbour. In mixed chronological order, we see scenes from Lai-sheung's past. In her childhood, her family and friends are evicted from their low-rent housing so that developers can build expensive flats. Later in life, she vows to buy her mother and father a new apartment, but is unable to fulfill her promise before her mother dies. When her father becomes ill, she begins searching in earnest for a new place, having an obsession for the Victoria Bay No. 1 high-rise address from a childhood vow that she would one day buy a flat near the harbour so that her uncle would not have to walk there and back on a daily basis and not needing to search for him every evening.

The bank will only give her a 70% mortgage and payments would reach over $15,000. Unfortunately, because of an oversight in declaring her father's medical history, she no longer has insurance to pay for his expensive treatment and has to take a second job. After Lai-sheung does save enough for a down-payment, her father's medical bills become excessive. When she asks her married lover for a loan to cover these, he refuses. One night her father has trouble breathing and, instead of giving him his oxygen, Lai-sheung allows him to die. The insurance payment now adds enough money to her current savings to purchase her dream flat.

On her way to finalise the purchase, there is a hike in the stock market that makes the owners decide to raise the price. This sends Lai-sheung into a frenzy where she goes to the flats and attacks people who live and work there, killing them with low-tech, household items. During the course of the final killings, the police arrive at the flat, demanding entry. A struggle ensues during which both officers are killed.

Returning to her day job, Lai-sheung receives a call from her agent saying the owners of the flat she wishes to buy are willing to sell after all. Lai-sheung suggests that they might want to sell for a lower price, since there were 11 murders in the building the previous evening. That night, Lai-sheung's lover comes round to pick her up, but she turns her back on him and walks away, ending their relationship.
  L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Super awesome gruesome horror movie which i super like it. Its been quite sometime i didn't see such a nice horror hk movie already. Love the storyline and how the movie been carried out for the whole movie. And Lawrence Chou really have a super great ass~ love it!!!  


  1. oh my god those are some extreme creepy cult movies!

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