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Infernal Affairs III 無間道III:終極無間

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by 劉偉強 Andrew Lau & 麥兆輝 Alan Mak

Casted by:
劉德華 Andy Lau as 劉健明 Lau Kin-ming
梁朝偉 Tony Leung as 陳永仁 Chan Wing-yan
黎明 Leon Lai as 楊錦榮 Yeung Kam-wing
陳道明 Chen Daoming as 沈澄 Shen Cheng 
陳慧琳 Kelly Chen as 李心兒 Dr. Lee Sum-yee 
Infernal Affairs III uses parallel storytelling, flashing between the past and the present.

Six months before Chan's death
Undercover cop Chan Wing-yan seeks to uncover the link between Hong Kong triad boss Hon Sam and the mysterious Chinese gang leader Shen Cheng. Since Hon's ascension to the seat of triad boss was due to the death of his predecessor, Ngai Wing-hau, Hon is suspicious of all his men for fear they might usurp his position. He tests Chan's loyalty by ordering him to smash an ashtray on Shen's brother during a negotiation, resulting in Chan's arrest by Inspector Yeung Kam-wing. Yeung tells Chan that though Chan does not recognise him, he recognises Chan and he warns the latter to "be careful". Chan is released after both Hon and Shen fetch him at police headquarters.

Concurrently, Chan is prosecuted for violent behaviour. His superior, Superintendent Wong Chi-shing, persuades the court to allow Chan to seek therapy, leading him to meet Dr. Lee Sum-yee. Hon asks Chan to deliver arms to Shen, but he and other triad members do not show up. When Chan delivers the cargo, Shen's men discover that the boxes are empty and open fire on Chan; Shen and Chan shoot each other in the limbs during the crossfire. Shen finds out that Chan is an undercover cop when Yeung unexpectedly arrives on the scene. Yeung tells Chan that Shen is also an undercover cop, working for Chinese authorities. Yeung also tells Chan that he gained top honours when he was in the police academy due to Chan's "expulsion". The three shake hands and wait for the chaos to subside before leaving.

Ten months after Chan's death
Lau Kin-ming, Hon's former mole in the Hong Kong Police Force, has been demoted to administrative duty pending an investigation into the deaths of Chan and Inspector B. He falsely claims that B shot Chan in the head while holding him hostage, and that he killed B in retaliation. After months of investigation, Lau is transferred back to Internal Affairs, where he struggles to whitewash his past and cover his true identity. Lau later learns that Hon had previously planted five other moles in the police force, one of whom might be a fellow Security Division Inspector, Yeung. A battle of wits develops between Lau and Yeung, as each of them tries to discover the other's secret.

Meanwhile, Lau suffers from an identity collapse as he loses track of reality, wrestling with guilt over Chan's death and grappling with his impending divorce from his wife, Mary. His psychological trauma deteriorates to the point where he begins to see himself as Chan. As "Chan", Lau makes it a personal mission to apprehend Yeung, whom he sees as his former self. After witnessing an incident where Lau suffers a hallucination, Dr. Lee conducts a hypnosis on him and finds out that he was Hon's mole. Lau realises his folly and knocks Lee unconscious before escaping.

Lau steals tapes from Yeung's office safe, using spy cameras to determine the code. He thinks he hears recordings of Yeung relating information to Hon, and leads his team to the Security Division to arrest Yeung just as Shen arrives. Lau plays a tape recording, which is actually the conversation between him and Hon. When Lau's second-in-command tries to arrest him instead, Lau panics and draws his gun, killing Yeung. He is immediately shot by Shen and attempts suicide by shooting himself in the neck. During a search of Lau's office, a tape is found in his safe and played. It is a recording of the song sung by Tsai Chin, given to him by Hon's wife.

Eleven months after Chan's death
A series of flashbacks play: immediately after Chan's death, Shen and Yeung meet. Shen suspects Lau. Yeung breaks into Lau's office to find tape recordings of his conversations with Hon, proving that Shen is right.

Yeung is buried next to Chan in the police cemetery. Shen and Lee visit the graves and Shen says to Lee: "Events change men, but men do not change events. But these two men are extraordinary because they changed events."

Lau ends up crippled and catatonic, lost inside his own mind, haunted by the spirit of Mary (Hon Sam's wife, whom he had a crush on in Infernal Affairs II) and locked in his own "continuous hell". His divorced wife Mary visits and tells him, "Our baby can say "papa" now." Before the picture fades into the next scene, the camera pans down onto Lau's fingers tapping out in Morse code, "H-E-L..." (and then the start of another 'L' as the picture dims).

Before the film ends, there is one final flashback to the hi-fi shop scene in Infernal Affairs, where Lau is buying an audio system from Chan.
  L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Years before this film, it has been quite sometime we cannot find so many superstars to act in one Hong Kong movie, this movie did it and it comes to an end for the infernal affair series. The movie is still lead by Andy Lau & Tony Leung and in the meantime added in Leon Lai and Chen Dao Ming to spice up the whole movie. Not sure why they chose Kelly Chen as the only main actress, but her acting skill is kinda fake but luckily it did not affected much of this movie. Happy to see that Carina Lau and Sammi Cheng appeared again on the closing part. Both of them appeared less than one minute but u can feel that their acting is way way way much more better than Kelly. Anyway, this movie also won Andy Lau his Golden Horse Best Actor Award...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Death Trance デス・トランス

Released Year: 2005
Directed by 下村勇二 Yuji Shimomura

Casted by:
坂口拓 Tak Sakaguchi as Grave / Coffin Man
Honoka Asada as Girl
剣太郎セガール Kentaro Seagal as Sid
須賀貴匡 Takamasa Suga as Ryuen
In an unknown place at an unknown time, a swordsman named Grave yearns for the ultimate battle. Legend tells of a black coffin kept at the Tougan Temple which has the power to grant any man's deepest desire. Hoping to utilize the coffin's ability to fulfill his wish, Grave infiltrates the temple and steals it. Accompanied by a mysterious young girl, Grave travels across the land towards a desert oasis, a place the tales indicate as being linked to the coffin's power.

Contrary to the popular legend, the Tougan monks believe that the coffin holds the Goddess of Destruction, who was banished from Heaven for trying to destroy the world, and whose release will bring about the apocalypse. Fearing the implications of Grave's actions, the monks dispatch Ryuen to retrieve the coffin and prevent it from being opened. But many other forces are also searching for Grave and his prize, including treasure hunter Sid, and an all-out free-for-all ensues as they all struggle to discover the secret power of the coffin.
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
One thing good about watching this kind of Japanese fantasy movie (based on Kana Takeuchi's manga), no logic needs to explain on the whole thing. In this (illusion) world, anything can just happen and it is darn exciting to watch it actually. Love Takamasa Suga, he is so fucking yummy~ how i wish i can see more of his body in this movie lol~

Monday, May 19, 2014

Curse of Chucky

Released Year: 2013
Directed by Don Mancini

Casted by:
Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce
Danielle Bisutti as Barbie "Barb" Pierce
Brennan Elliott as Ian
Maitland McConnell as Jill
Chantal Quesnel as Sarah Pierce
Summer H. Howell as Alice
Set twenty-five years after Child's Play, a Chucky doll, arrives in the mail of the family home of paraplegic Nica and her mother, Sarah. That night Sarah is found dead from a stab wound and her death proclaimed a suicide.

The next day Nica's older sister Barb arrives, accompanied by her husband, Ian; daughter, Alice; live-in nanny, Jill; and Father Frank, a priest. Alice finds Chucky and keeps him. Nica and Alice cook chili for dinner, and Chucky secretly pours rat poison into one of the bowls. Father Frank eats the poison, and after leaving the house, is beheaded in a fatal car crash.

After everyone else has gone to their rooms to sleep, Nica attempts to track down the origins of the Chucky doll. She looks up "Chucky Doll Evidence" on the internet, where she finds news articles of the unsolved Chucky murders and the doll's link to dead serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Chucky sneaks out of Alice's bed and kills Jill by kicking a bucket of rain water over onto the floor's power outlets. Jill is electrocuted to death, which also causes a blackout. Barb gets up to check on Alice, and finds Chucky sitting on the stairs that lead to the attic. Thinking that Alice is in the attic, Barb goes up to look for her, but she is killed by Chucky with a kitchen knife. With the elevator unusable due to the blackout, Nica crawls up the stairs to the first floor. Barb is already dead by the time she gets there, and Chucky reveals himself to Nica. Nica wakes up Ian, who takes Nica to the garage before going back into the house to find Alice.

Chucky enters the garage and starts the car, trying to kill Nica with carbon monoxide poisoning. Ian returns to the garage and, believing that Nica is responsible for the murders, disarms her. There is a hidden camera on Chucky, which Ian had planted to get evidence of Barb's affair with Jill. Ian reviews the footage, which shows that Alice is locked in a closet and Chucky is alive. Before Ian can act, Chucky uses Nica's wheelchair to run Ian over and kills him with a hatchet. Nica manages to break out of her restraints and decapitates Chucky with the hatchet, but he survives and reattaches his head.

Chucky pushes Nica over the balcony and she falls to the ground floor. Bleeding heavily Nica asks why Chucky is doing this and through flashbacks, Chucky explains that he was a friend of the family a long time ago and was in love with Sarah. Chucky killed Nica's father and kidnapped Sarah while she was heavily pregnant. When Chucky realized Sarah betrayed him by calling the police, he stabbed her in the stomach, which caused Nica to be born paraplegic, and fled. Chucky's flight from the police lead to his death as a human, setting off the events of the franchise, which is why he came back to Sarah for revenge. A police officer arrives at the house, but when he enters he only sees Barb's body upstairs and Nica holding the bloody knife. Chucky watches, unmoving, from a nearby chair.

Sometime later, Nica is found guilty of the murders and sent to a mental asylum. The arresting officer takes Chucky away in a plastic bag to be delivered to an unknown person. While in his car, Tiffany pops up in the backseat and slits his throat. Tiffany holding the bag, asks Chucky "Who's next?". Then, she mails Chucky to his next target.

Alice, now living with her grandmother, comes home from school to find Chucky waiting for her. Alice asks where her grandmother is, to which Chucky replies "In the cellar". Afterwards, Chucky persuades Alice to play "Hide The Soul", starting a chant that is supposed to transfer his soul to Alice's body. In an unexpected jump-scare, Alice's grandmother pops up outside the cellar door with a plastic bag over her face, revealing Chucky tried to asphyxiate her.

In a post-credits scene set six months later, Chucky is delivered to the now adult Andy Barclay. When Andy turns his back to answer a phone call from his mother, Chucky cuts his way out of the package with a knife. Andy, having anticipated Chucky coming after him, holds a shotgun to Chucky's head and quotes, "Play with this", before pulling the trigger 
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
After 9 years, Chucky is back and this time he attacks the whole family of Pierce. The poor wheelchair girl defeats Chucky and is the only survivor (except the small girl Alice)... Overall the storyline is ok and kinda exciting and spooky as well...Hopefully there will be new Chucky movie coming out soon

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brick Mansions

 Released Year: 2014
Directed by Camille Delamarre

Casted by:
Paul Walker as Damien Collier
David Belle as Lino Dupree
RZA as Tremaine Alexander
Catalina Denis as Lola
In a dystopian Detroit, abandoned brick mansions left from better times now house only the most dangerous criminals. Unable to control the crime, the police have constructed a colossal containment wall around this area to protect the rest of the city. For undercover cop Damien Collier, every day is a battle against corruption. For ex-convict Lino, every day is a fight to live an honest life. Their paths never should have crossed, but when drug kingpin Tremaine kidnaps Lino’s girlfriend, Damien reluctantly accepts Lino's help and together they struggle to stop a sinister plot to devastate the entire city. 
 L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
Love Paul Walker in this movie, his crystal blue eyes are so pretty and it definitely take my breath away... This is the second last movie before he passed away. The whole storyline is kinda exciting but there's a few part that i find its kinda difficult to believe haha~

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cleopatra 1999

Released Year: 1999
Directed by Franc Roddam

Casted by:
Leonor Varela as Cleopatra
Timothy Dalton as Julius Caesar
Billy Zane as Marc Antony
Rupert Graves as Octavius 
The film begins in Alexandria with Cleopatra VII, Egypt's rightful Queen, in exile, while her sister Arsinoe and younger brother, Ptolemy have stolen the throne. Roman soldier Julius Caesar comes to collect Egypt's tax debt. After conversing with a courtesan, Cleopatra smuggles herself into the palace wrapped in a carpet; a gift from her to Caesar. He accepts the gift and the twenty-year-old queen is revealed to the 52-year-old man. The two spend the night together, and the next morning, Cleopatra and twelve-year-old Ptolemy are betrothed to marry by Caesar. Shortly after the siblings are wed, Cleopatra is proclaimed Queen of Egypt, forcing Ptolemy to join forces with Arsinoe and drive their sister out of Alexandria.

A war breaks out between the Romans and Ptolemy's Egyptian forces, and in the process, Alexandria's great library is burned to the ground. Even with this loss, Cleopatra soon celebrates the return of her Roman lover, and the capture of her traitor sister, Arsinoe. The two take a 2-month journey down the Nile aboard one of the Queen's elegant ships. Upon their return, Caesar breaks the news that he must leave for Rome. Unbeknownst to him, Caesar leaves Cleopatra pregnant with his child. A son is born to the queen roughly nine months later; he is named Ptolemy Caesar, in honor of his father.

Back in Rome, believing that he should hold the same status as his Egyptian lover, Caesar demands he be declared King of Rome. Although they are hesitant to do so, the senate eventually grants Caesar's request. Now having been declared king, Caesar invites Cleopatra to stay at one of his villas, just outside Rome. With her, she brings the couple's infant son, whom the Egyptian people call 'Caesarion', meaning 'Little Caesar'. In front of his people (including wife Calpurnia), Cleopatra declares that Caesar is her son's father, publicly forcing his hand, and demanding that her son be allowed to rule both Egypt and Rome invoking the consternation of Brutus and Cassius.

Although he accepts Caesarion as his child, Caesar denies the queen's request, explaining that Egypt is only free from Rome because he wishes it to be. Just before her return to Egypt, Cleopatra soon learns that Caesar has been assassinated at the hands of Brutus, Cassius and other senators. The burdens of ruling fall on the shoulders of Caesar's Roman heir and grandnephew, Octavian; a teenage boy who hates Cleopatra. With his ascendancy, Octavian has Brutus killed while Cassius kills himself.

Octavian also plans to rid himself of his rival, Cleopatra's baby boy, Caesarion, who, as Caesar's only child, threatens his reign. Renaming himself Caesar Augustus, Octavian sends soldiers to Egypt to find and kill Caesar's son. In the meantime, Caesar's boyhood friend and cousin, Marc Antony is sent to Alexandria to protect Caesarion and Queen Cleopatra. In spending time with together, Antony and Cleopatra fall in love. Although they wish to marry, Antony reveals that he wed Octavian's sister, the submissive Octavia, in order to strengthen his alliance and co-ruling with the new emperor. Defying his Roman beliefs against polygamy, Antony marries Cleopatra in Antioch, claiming that her son, Caesarion, is heir to not only Egypt, but also Rome.

Upon hearing of Antony's claim, Octavian wages war against the two lovers, trapping Cleopatra in her own city. Threatening suicide if Octavian does not let her son go, Cleopatra learns that she has lost Antony, killed in battle against Octavian's army. Octavian arrives in Egypt, demanding that Cleopatra join him in Rome as his prisoner. She refuses and demands that her son be allowed to rule Egypt. Octavian does not agree to this, but allows Antony to have an Egyptian burial. After sending her children to India, Cleopatra's plan goes through, as she has a basket of figs brought to her heavily guarded tomb. There, she lets the asp bite her, and dies shortly after. Her handmaidens quickly follow their queen's example. Octavian's men break through the doors, only to discover that the queen is dead. After they discover that Cleopatra is dead, Octavian then takes over Egypt about two years later after Cleopatra's death.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
Based on the fiction of Margaret George's "Memoirs of Cleopatra", of coz its the same as every legend of the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. For me, this movie is still ok, not as good as the Elizabeth Taylor's version. The cleopatra is not wild enough even though she's a sexy latino~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eyes Wide Shut

Released Year: 1999
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Casted by:
Tom Cruise as Dr. William "Bill" Harford
Nicole Kidman as Alice Harford
Sydney Pollack as Victor Ziegler
Marie Richardson as Marion Nathanson
Dr. Bill Harford and his wife, Alice, are a young couple from New York. They go to a Christmas party thrown by a wealthy patient, Victor Ziegler. Bill meets an old friend from medical school, Nick Nightingale, who now plays piano professionally. While a Hungarian man tries to pick up Alice, two young models try to take Bill off for a tryst. He is interrupted by a call from his host upstairs, who had been having sex with Mandy, a young woman who has overdosed on a speedball.

The next evening at home, while smoking marijuana, Bill's wife asks him if he had sex with the two girls. After Bill reassures her, she asks if he is ever jealous of men who are attracted to her. As the discussion gets heated, he states that he thinks women are more faithful than men. She rebuts him, telling him of a recent fantasy she had about a naval officer they had encountered on a vacation. Disturbed by Alice's revelation, Bill is just then called to the deathbed of the father of a now-engaged female friend, Marion Nathanson, who impulsively kisses him and says she loves him. Putting her off, Bill takes a walk. He meets a prostitute named Domino and goes to her apartment.

Bill's wife phones as he begins to kiss Domino, after which he calls off the awkward encounter. Meeting Nick at the jazz club where he's just finishing his last set, Bill learns that Nick has an engagement where he must play piano blindfolded. Bill presses for details. He learns that to gain admittance, one needs a costume, a mask, and the password. Bill goes to a costume shop. He offers the owner, Mr. Milich, a generous amount of money to rent a costume. In the shop, Milich catches his teenage daughter with two Japanese men and expresses outrage at their lack of a sense of decency.

Bill takes a taxi to a country mansion. He gives the password and discovers a quasi-religious sexual ritual is taking place. One woman takes Bill aside and warns him he does not belong there, insisting he is in terrible danger. They are interrupted by a masked porter who tells Bill that the taxi driver wants to speak with him. However, the porter takes him to a room where a masked, red-cloaked Master of Ceremonies confronts Bill with a question about a second password. Bill is unable to answer. The Master of Ceremonies insists that Bill "kindly remove his mask," then his clothes. The masked woman who had tried to warn Bill now intervenes and insists that she be punished instead of him. Bill is ushered from the mansion and warned not to tell anyone about what happened there.

Just before dawn, Bill arrives home guilty and confused. He finds Alice laughing loudly in sleep and awakens her. While crying, she tells him of a troubling dream in which she was having sex with the naval officer and many other men, and laughing at the idea of Bill seeing her with them. The next morning, Bill goes to Nick's hotel, where the desk clerk tells Bill that a bruised and frightened Nick checked out a few hours earlier after returning with two large, dangerous-looking men. Nick tried to pass an envelope to him when they were leaving, but it was intercepted, and Nick was driven away by the two men.

Bill goes to return the costume — but not the mask, which Bill has misplaced — and Milich, with his daughter by his side, states he can do other favors for Bill "and it needn't be a costume." The same two Japanese men leave; Milich implies to Bill that he has sold his daughter for prostitution. Bill returns to the country mansion in his own car and is met at the gate by a man with a note warning him to cease and desist his inquiries. At home, Bill thinks about Alice's dream while watching her tutor their daughter.

Bill goes to Domino's apartment with a gift. Her roommate Sally(Fay Masterson) is home, but not Domino. After Bill attempts to seduce Sally, she reveals to him that Domino has just tested positive for HIV. Bill leaves and notices a man is following him. Bill reads a newspaper story about a beauty queen who died of a drug overdose. Bill examines what is revealed to be Mandy's body at the morgue. Bill is summoned to Ziegler's house, where he is confronted with the events of the past night and day. Ziegler was one of those involved with the ritual orgy. His own position with the secret society has been jeopardized by Bill's intrusion.

Bill asks about Mandy, whom Ziegler has identified as the woman at the party who'd "sacrificed" herself to prevent Bill's punishment, and about Nick, the piano player. Ziegler insists that Nick is safely back at home in Seattle. He says the "punishment" had nothing to do with Mandy's death; she was a hooker and addict and had died from another accidental drug overdose. Bill does not know if Ziegler is telling him the truth, but says nothing further.

When he returns home, Bill finds the rented mask on his pillow next to his sleeping wife. He breaks down in tears. He decides to tell Alice the whole truth of the past two days. The next morning, they go Christmas shopping with their daughter. His wife muses that recent events do not define their lives, that they should be grateful they have survived, are still together and that she loves him. As to what to do next, Alice says "fuck," as soon as possible.
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment
Based on the fiction of Arthur Schnitzler "Novella Dream Story" in 1926, Cruise and his ex Kidman show us this hot sexy movie. The (ex) married couple was so hot that time in Hollywood, of coz it definitely attracted many audience to buy tickets into the cinema :) Well, for me the movie is ok, i understand it better rather than the first time i watch it 10 years ago, which i keep staring at those boobies lol~ 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An American Werewolf in London

 Released Year: 1981
Directed by John Landis

Casted by:
David Naughton as David Kessler
Jenny Agutter as Nurse Alex Price
Griffin Dunne as Jack Goodman
John Woodvine as Dr. J.S. Hirsch
Two American college students, David Kessler and Jack Goodman, are backpacking across the Yorkshire moors. As darkness falls, they decide to stop for the night at a pub called "The Slaughtered Lamb". Jack notices a five-pointed star on the wall. When he asks about it, the pub becomes very quiet and the pubgoers start acting very strange and hostile. The pair decide to leave, but not before the others offer them pieces of advice such as "Beware the moon, lads" and "Keep to the road." Whilst conversing with each other and wondering what they meant, they wander off the road, onto the moors.

Back at the pub, the owner gets very distressed and suggests that they go after the pair. As she says this, a sinister howling is heard. The rest of the pubgoers, having barricaded the door, decline. Back out on the moors, Jack and David have also heard the howls, and they seem to be steadily getting closer. They start back to the Slaughtered Lamb when they realize that they have left the road and are now lost on the moors. A full moon comes out from behind the clouds, and they remember the advice they were given earlier. The noises get steadily closer until the boys are stopped by a supernaturally large animal. The animal attacks both of them, and kills Jack. The animal is then shot and killed by the pubgoers, who have finally emerged. The beast changes into the dying body of a naked man. David survives the mauling and is taken to a hospital in London.

When David wakes up three weeks later, he does not remember what happened and is told of his friend's death. David is questioned by the arrogant Inspector Villiers and the bumbling, but more understanding Sergeant McManus and learns that he and Jack were supposedly attacked by an escaped lunatic. David insists that they were actually attacked by a large wolf. But Villiers had already been told there were witnesses and an autopsy report of the maniac, so they deduce that David is suffering from shock.

David begins to have a series of bizarre nightmares. In the first, he runs through the woods, then decapitates and eats a deer. In the second, he is in a hospital bed with a monstrous, fanged face. In the final dream, he is at home with his family when they are attacked by Nazis with monstrous faces and wielding machine guns.

While David is awake, Jack appears to him as a reanimated corpse, and explains that the pair of them were attacked by a werewolf, and that David himself is now a werewolf. Jack urges David to kill himself before the next full moon, not only because Jack is cursed to exist in a state of living death for as long as the bloodline of the werewolf that attacked them survives, but also to prevent David from inflicting the same fate on his eventual victims.

Trying to see if David is telling the truth, his doctor, Hirsch, takes a trip to the Slaughtered Lamb. When asked about the incident, the pubgoers deny any knowledge of David, Jack or their attacker. But one distraught pubgoer speaks to Dr. Hirsch outside the pub and says that David should not have been taken away, and that he and everyone else will be in danger when he changes. He's interrupted by another pubgoer, who remains silent. After more investigation, Dr. Hirsch finds out that the police report was "misplaced", and that David's wounds were cleaned and dressed before he was even looked at by the authorities. The doctor is convinced that the whole town was lying, and that David was indeed attacked by some sort of animal, though he is not convinced it was a werewolf.

Upon his release from the hospital, David moves in with Alex Price, the pretty young nurse who grew infatuated with him in the hospital. He stays in Alex's London apartment, where they later make love for the first time. Jack (in an advanced stage of decay) suddenly appears to David again and tells him that he will turn into a werewolf the next day. Jack again advises David to take his own life; otherwise he is doomed to kill innocent people.

When the full moon rises, as Jack had warned, David, who is alone in the apartment, begins to feel excruciating pain before stripping naked upon "burning up" and turning into a werewolf. He prowls the streets and the London Underground and slaughters six Londoners. When he wakes in the morning, he is naked on the floor of the wolf cage at London Zoo with no memory of his activities, but unharmed by the resident wolves.

Later that day, David realizes that Jack was right about everything and that he is responsible for the murders of the night before. After failing to get himself arrested and running from Alex, David calls his family in New York to say good-bye, though he only speaks to his little sister. Walking out of the phone booth after failing to slit his wrists with his pocket knife, David sees Jack (in a more advanced stage of decay) outside an adult cinema in Piccadilly Circus. Inside, Jack is accompanied by David's victims from the previous night. They all insist that he must commit suicide before turning into a werewolf again. While talking with them, night falls and, consequently, David turns into a werewolf again and goes on another killing spree. After bursting out of the cinema (biting off Inspector Villiers' head in the process), a horrific melee ensues. David is ultimately cornered in an alley by the police. Alex arrives to calm him down by telling him that she loves him. Though he is apparently temporarily softened, he is shot and killed when he lunges forward, returning to human form in front of a grieving Alex as he dies.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
This is one of the most famous classic werewolf movie ever made in this world. Love the storyline and i quickly watch it again after the first time, which happened in the same day lol~ The very first 15 min already creep me out when the 2 actors walk along the dark road in London and were attacked by the warewolf. A classic which i recommend all of you to watch~ don't miss it!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lake Placid 3

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by G.E.Furst

Casted by:
Colin Ferguson as Nathan Bickerman
Yancy Butler as Reba Butler
Kirsty Mitchell as Susan Bickerman
Kacey Barnfield as Ellie
Jordan Grehs as Connor Bickerman
Michael Ironside as Sheriff Tony Willinger
Mark Evans as Brett
Nils Hognestad as Aaron
One year after the events of the second movie, at Black Lake, in Aroostook County, Maine, young couple April and Jason are attacked and eaten by a group of baby crocodiles. Meanwhile, at the house of the deceased Sadie Bickerman, her nephew Nathan, his wife Susan and their son Connor are cleaning out the house so they can sell it. However, Sheriff Tony Willinger soon arrives and convinces Nathan and Susan not to sell. Connor chases an escaped pet lizard down to the lake where he encounters the baby crocodiles, and begins to secretly feed them.

Two years later, Connor has continued to feed the now adult crocodiles stolen meat from the supermarket, but he is soon caught for shoplifting by Dimitri and sent home to his babysitter, Vica, by Susan. However, Connor goes to the lake to feed the crocodiles, followed by Vica who is attacked. Vica, whose arm has been badly injured, find Susan at Sadie's house, where they tend to Vica's arm and Connor confesses to feeding the crocodiles. Meanwhile, Nathan is searching the lake due to a number of elk disappearances. He bumps into four teenagers, Ellie, Tara, Aaron and Charlie who are camping on the lake. The teenagers show Nathan an elk head they previously found, leading Nathan to believe it was the act of hunter Reba, but he persuades Sheriff Tony to search the lake to make sure it is clear of crocodiles. While the teenagers camp, Charlie is devoured.

Reba is approached by teenager Brett, to help him find his girl friend Ellie, who he fears will be taken advantage of by Aaron. Reba agrees and takes Brett out onto the lake in her boat with Jonas and Walt. Stopping to hunt elk, a crocodile attacks the boat and knocks the group into the water. Walt is eaten, but the others escape to shore; however, they are now stranded in the forest. After hours, Ellie and Aaron search for the missing Charlie, leaving Tara by the lake where she is attacked by a crocodile that drags her into the lake. Ellie and Aaron return to find Tara missing, and decide to try and reach help. They discover Charlie's dead body, before finding what Ellie thinks is Brett's jacket. Ellie decides to search for Brett, angering Aaron who walks the other way, only to be attacked by a crocodile.

After searching the lake, Nathan and Sheriff Tony arrive at Sadie's house and reunite with Susan, Connor and Vica. They decide they should try and escape the house to get to a hospital, but in their attempt Vica and Sheriff Tony are devoured and the car is submerged in the lake. Nathan, Susan and Connor take shelter in the house. Meanwhile, Brett, Reba and Jonas manage to shoot a crocodile dead, but another crocodile arrives and decapitates Jonas before attacking Reba, who manages to get away. Desperate, Reba and a reluctant Brett travel on Reba's boat to Sadie's house and meet with Nathan, Susan and Connor. Determined to find Ellie, Brett escapes to Reba's boat and searches for her. He finds Ellie, but a crocodile kills him.

Reba kills a crocodile that gets into the house, before she leaves with Nathan, Susan and Connor. Ellie joins them, and they make it to the town. The group break into the supermarket to call for help, setting off the alarm that attracts Dimitri, but he is swiftly devoured as a group of crocodiles enter the supermarket. The group are attacked but manage to kill most of the crocodiles, but Reba is seemingly killed in the process. The only remaining crocodile chases Nathan, Susan, Ellie and Connor to the gas station where the group manage to ignite gas with a lighter, causing an explosion that kills the crocodile. An ambulance then comes and helps Nathan, Susan, Ellie and Connor.

Sometime later, Nathan, is taking a group of tourists around the lake, telling them of the crocodiles that are believed to be extinct. However, a baby crocodile is seen swimming in the lake, before an adult crocodile attacks the camera.
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment
This film was shoot to direct to video, different from Lake Placid 1, the big giant crocodile appeared a lot of times but too bad, most of the time they appeared to be kinda blurr and fake on the scenes. The storyline is not bad, but if this giant lizard didn't move fast like a cat, i think it would seems a bit more real then~