Monday, May 5, 2014

Hong Kong Gigolo 香港舞男

Released Year: 1990
Directed by 林德禄 David Lam

Casted by:
 萬梓良 Alex Man as 马祥 Xiang
 任達華 Simon Yam as David
鄭浩南 Mark Cheng as Joe
馮寶寶 Petrina Fung as Maria
A hot gigolo club in town own by Maria, her top 3 gigolo is Xiang (a father who want to earn more for his son, but sadly his sexual performance is getting bad and he is not as famous anymore), David (a man who has a older sister as a cop and a loving mother) & Joe (an orphan who has a rich girlfriend).

Xiang wanted to get his son back from his ex wife and try his best to get a lot of customers. He was down perform and in the end he took drugs and sleep with a caucasian guy Wilson to earn more money. David in another hand was obssessed by Wilson but he refuse to sleep with him. Wilson is the head of David's sister and instruct her to go on a dangerous mission that caused her to loose both of her legs. Joe wanted to prove to his girlfriend's father that he is useful, he took a job of acting as a rapist with a rich client but in the end, his client was killed by her own husband.

Things went bad for them 3. Xiang risked his life when trying to save David. And after that both David and Joe is wondering whether they will continue their life as a gigolo or not.
  L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
Not a bad movie, it was quite nice to watch actually. The storyline of these 3 men is strong and 3 of them can really act well, of coz Alex Man being very famous in tvb drama that time won't fail to do so. Especially the scene which he was force to eat shit in front of his son... man~ his acting is really good!

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