Friday, May 2, 2014

Final Destination 2

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by David R. Ellis

Casted by:
Ali Larter as Clear Rivers
A.J. Cook as Kimberly Corman
Michael Landes as Thomas Burke
David Paetkau as Evan Lewis
James Kirk as Tim Carpenter
Lynda Boyd as Nora Carpenter
In 2001, one year after the explosion of Flight 180, college student Kimberly Corman heads to Daytona Beach with her friends, Shaina, Dano and Frankie for their spring break in Kimberly's SUV. As she stops on the exit passage to Route 23, Kimberly has a premonition of wood logs falling off from a semi, causing a massive car crash and killing everyone involved.

Aghast and in a huge panic, she stalls her car and prevents lottery winner Evan Lewis, widow Nora Carpenter and her fifteen-year-old son Tim, businesswoman Kat Jennings, stoner Rory Peters, pregnant Isabella Hudson, high-school teacher Eugene Dix, and Deputy Marshall Thomas Burke from entering the highway. While Thomas questions Kimberly, the pile-up occurs and Shaina, Dano and Frankie are suddenly killed by a speeding truck, devastating Kimberly, saved by Thomas in the last second.

The survivors are questioned at the police station and informed of the events of the Flight 180. Later on, Evan arrives at his apartment, buying large amounts of jewelry and a computer. When a fire erupts in his apartment, Evan escapes from the building via a fire escape. But a chain reaction causes the ladder on the fire escape to fall and impale his eyes, killing him. Meanwhile, Thomas researches the survivors of Flight 180 and learns Alex Browning was killed by a falling brick to the head while strolling through an alley. Desperate for help, Kimberly visits Clear Rivers, the last survivor of Flight 180, inside her psychiatric ward.

Though Clear initially refuses to help and invites Kimberly to share her isolation, she warns Kimberly to watch out for 'signs' of death. Upon arriving home, she sees herself being attacked by pigeons, and accompanied by Thomas, go to save Nora and Tim. They arrive too late and Tim is crushed by a glass pane at the dentist, devastating Nora. Clear accompanies Kimberly and Thomas to mortician William Bludworth. Bludworth explains the equilibrium of Death and "new life", implying their salvation upon the birth of Isabella's child.

Isabella, accused by the police of driving a stolen van, is taken into custody while the other survivors unite for safety. Overcome by grief, Nora is decapitated by malfunctioning elevator doors. Horrified, Eugene attempts suicide but fails, prompting the group to leave and find Isabella, who meanwhile goes into labor at the police station. The policeman on duty rushes her to the hospital in Isabella's van.

En route, they discover that if it had not been for the flight 180 survivors, they would all be dead; Eugene had to replace the deceased teacher Valerie Newton and his substitute was killed by a crazed student, Kat almost went into a hotel where a gas leak suffocated the staff and guests but went home after witnessing Terry's death, Kimberly was inside the mall distracted by a news piece of Tod's "suicide" attempt and her mother was outside and muggers killed her while in her car, Rory almost went to a club in Paris where the roof collided on the guests and killed everyone but was distracted by Carter's death, and Thomas had to clean up Billy's remains while his partner was on duty, where he was killed in a robbery attempt.

Driving further, the survivors' vehicle nearly collide with Isabella's van as they are driving, prompting them to swerve onto a nearby farm. In the process, the back of the car is penetrated by PVC pipes. Eugene's abdomen is punctured by one of the pipes and Kat narrowly avoids another. As rescuers arrive at the scene, Brian Gibbons, the son of a farm's owner, is nearly killed by a news van, but Rory pulls him back at the last second. The rescuers' Jaws of Life activates Kat's airbag, spearing her head within the pipe and killing her, and dropping her cigarette on a gasoline leak, leading to the news van. This causes the van to explode, sending a barbed wire fence flying through Rory, trisecting him.

As Kimberly, Clear, and Thomas dash to the hospital, Kimberly has another forewarning of Dr. Ellen Kalarjian "strangling" Isabella. Kimberly and Thomas witness Isabella giving birth and are relieved thinking that the new life will wipe Death's slate clean and save them all. However, Kimberly has another vision of a submerging van and Isabella's embargo from Death all along, realizing that Isabella was not on Death's list at all, and that Thomas and Kimberly are still destined to die.

Clear searches for Eugene, accidentally detonating his room from oxygen combustion, which kills Eugene and burns Clear, also completing Death's previous list. Kimberly tackles Thomas from the explosion's debris and realizes her premonitions convey her fate. Although Kimberly immerses a van into a lake for Thomas' sake, she is recovered by Thomas and resuscitated by Kalarjian. Afterwards, Thomas and Kimberly have a picnic with Brian's family and Kimberly's father Michael Corman to celebrate their survival. Learning of Brian's deterrence from Death before when his father tells him that he was almost hit by a van, the group witnesses a barbecue grill blast Brian into pieces, catapulting his burnt arm onto his mother's plate as she screams in horror.
L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
This second movie is still as good as the first movie, more gruesome dead this time and with the help of Ali Larter from the first movie (die also in this movie), the movie become much more exciting and nasty :) 

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