Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Golden Lotus "Love & Desires" 金瓶风月

 Released Year: 1991
Directed by 李翰祥 Lee Han Xiang

Casted by:
单立文 Pal Sinn as 西门庆 Simon Heng
纪倩儿 Ji Qian Er as 潘金莲 Pan Jin Liang
方玉婷 Fang Yu Ting as 李瓶儿 Li Ping Er
李婉淑 Lee Yuan Shu as 龐春梅 Pang Chun Mei
曹查理 Richard Cho as 蒋竹山 Jiang Zhu Shan
Simon Heng try to tackle his neighbor's wife Li Ping Er and also get the rich properties from them as well. He loves to play on woman but he hates it when his 5th wife Jin Liang is fooling around with a 16 years old servant. He killed the small boy and sm Jin Liang. From that time onwards, Jin Liang fell in love with this crazy sm together with Simon and Chun Mei. While Li Ping Er stay in her own room to study how to be a good person indeed.
L² Scored: 5.5/10

L² Comment
Definitely this movie is not as attractive as the Taiwan Version of drama. Pal Sinn definitely can be register as the one and only famous Simon Heng in so many years lol~ love the way he use his tongue to "attack" the girls nipples, its so exciting and kinda erotic as well~

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