Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Shopaholics 最愛女人購物狂

 Released Year: 2006 
Directed by 韋家輝 Wai Ka Fai

Casted by:
張栢芝 Cecilia Cheung as 方芳芳 Fong
劉青雲 Sean Lau as 李簡仁 Yan
陳小春 Jordan Chan as 何窮富 Fu
官恩娜 Ella Koon as 丁叮噹 Dong
徐小鳳 Paula Tsui as 陸小鳳 Feng
羅家英 Lo Kar Ying as 何西 Sai
Fong is a shopaholic and she was in horrible debts. She finally got a job after she helps Yan's nurse to give birth in a shopping mall. Yan as a psychological doctor treated her but in the same time fall in love with her as well. Fong met Fu, one of the richest guy who got psychological illness as well. Both Fu and Yan wanted to marry Fong; in the same time both of them wanted to marry Yan's girlfriend Dong too.

The situation goes crazy, and it needs the ultimate shopaholics Feng for help. Feng used her psychological knowledge to let them 4 knows who they really wanted to marry to...
L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment
Even though its a bit similar like "The confession of a shopaholics", but i think the HK version took it to a better extend and i love it. The best part would be seeing Paula Tsui shopping session. "This, this, this... i don't want, the rest please pack it for me"... lol! how cool is that~

Storyline of course its good, a bit confusing will be the part when Paula Tsui directed them by phone to the wedding destination. I have to watched twice to discover, all these while Paula was directing Sean to Cecilia & Jordan to Ella. A very good movie which shopaholic like us shouldn't miss...

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