Friday, February 7, 2014

From Beijing with Love 國產凌凌漆

 Released Year: 1994
Directed by 李力持 Lee Lik Chi & 周星馳 Stephen Chow

Casted by:
 周星驰 Stephen Chow as 凌凌漆 Ling Ling Qi 007
袁詠儀 Anita Yuen as 李香琴 Li Xiang Qin
黃錦江 Wong Kam Kong as 司令/金鎗人 Golden Gun
羅家英 Lo Kar Ying as 達聞西 Da Wen Xi
鄭祖 Joe Cheng as 瀋陽特務(金牙佬)Metal Mouth
陈宝莲 Pauline Chan as 瀋陽特務(愛美神)Ms Beauty
Golden Gun steals the cranium of China's only dinosaur fossil. Chow, starring as a hawker-cum-secret-agent 007, is sent to Hong Kong by a high-ranking government official to recapture the cranium. When he arrives in Hong Kong, he meets Siu Kam, who proposes to help him in his endeavor. However, Siu Kam turns out to be a subordinate of Golden Gun. Golden Gun is in actuality the government official who directs Chow to find the cranium.

Golden Gun instructs Siu Kam to send 007 on a false lead and tells him that the cranium may have been stolen by a smuggler. 007, with the help of Siu Kam, sneaks into a cocktail party held by the smuggler. Before he enters, he tells Siu Kam that he will fetch her some white roses. Siu Kam tells 007 to find evidence that the smuggler stole the cranium; meanwhile, Kam hides in a tree, planning to snipe 007 from afar. The party is interrupted by a mysterious man (modeled after Jaws from James Bond) and a mysterious woman who are out to kill 007. Taking this opportunity, Siu Kam shoots Chow several times, including once in the leg with 007 thinking another assassin has shot him. 007 (who was wearing a bulletproof vest but not bulletproof trousers) escapes, grabbing three white roses on the way out. Siu Kam is touched by this gesture and saves his life. She decides to defect from Golden Gun. Together, the two destroy the organization that is behind the theft of the cranium. Chow wins over Yuen and is rewarded with a meat cleaver emblazoned with the calligraphy of Deng Xiaoping.
 L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment
 Usually for Stephen Chow movie, i will rate it in kinda high score, but for this parody comedy, a 6 is more than enough. Though its on the top 2 of HK blockbuster in 1994, but i just feel like the storyline is not funny enough, and Anita Yuen is not funny enough, if compared to her other movies...

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