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The Lucky Guy 行運一條龍

 Released Year: 1998
Directed by 李力持 Lee Lik Chi

Casted by:
周星馳 Stephen Chow as 何金水 Sui
鄭秀文 Sammi Cheng as 葉玉芬 Candy
葛民輝 Eric Kot as 阿福 Fook
楊恭如 Kristy Yeung as Fanny
陳曉東 Daniel Chan as 得男 Nan
舒淇 Shu Qi as 芳芳 Fang
吳孟達 Ng Man Tat as 李老闆 Mr Li
Sui is a pathetic guy who can't forgot his first love Candy from school time, he uses all ways to make other believe he is a playboy. He met Candy back in hospital and Candy decided to take revenge on what Sui did to her before. Later on Candy realize Sui's true heart and forgive him.

Fook is an honest and kind hearted guy, he met Fanny and fell in love with her. Fook ask advice from Sui but Sui tackle Fanny and Fook become a bad person. Later on, Fanny learns that Fook is the one she wants and they are together again.

Nan meeting up with his net friend but got scared, in the meantime he met Fang who is a rich girl and trying to run away from home. Fang hide her identity and get together with Nan and his father Mr Li. Later on Fang discover Nan is a reporter and trying to get her news, she get angry and left. But Nan's true heart finally makes Fang return back to him. Mr Li in another hand is facing the crisis of his restaurant being closed down but luckily Fang's rich dad came and settled the problem.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment
The 3rd place in 1998 HK blockbuster, this is the first time Stephen Chow worked with the beautiful and talented Sammi Cheng. Sammi used her good acting and created this good comedy together with other co stars. Hopefully both of them will have the chance to work with each other again...

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