Monday, January 27, 2014

The White Dragon 小白龍情海翻波

 Released Year: 2004
Directed by 叶伟信 Wilson Yip

Casted by:
张柏芝 Cecilia Cheung as 黑凤 Black Phoenix / White Dragon Jr.
吴镇宇 Francis Ng as 一地鸡毛 Chicken Feathers
安志杰 Andy On as 天养 Tian Yang
邓梓峰 Patrick Tang as 校长 Gene
阮小仪 Kitty Yuen as Tweetie
许绍雄 Benz Hui as 陆美霸 Deer Tail
雪妮 Suet Nei as Auntie / White Dragon Sr.
In a twist departing from the standard superhero formula, White Dragon is a narcissist, forever worried about her good looks, even as she's fighting with Feather, a blind assassin nicknamed "Chicken Feathers" because of his propensity for using chicken feathers as his calling card.

Chicken Feathers is first challenged by White Dragon, an elderly woman with proficient skills in martial arts to almost match his, but not quite enough. Thinking that she has been fatally wounded, White Dragon transfers her kung-fu knowledge into empty shell Black Phoenix, turning the young woman into the prettiest martial arts expert around. The downside to having these extraordinary powers, which she does not fully understand, is bad acne, which she manages to prevent only by doing "noble" deeds like robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Phoenix is reluctant to take on her new role at first, but soon becomes interested in tracking down Chicken Feathers when she learns that her love interest, Second Prince Tian Yang, might become his next target. Using her flute-playing as bait, White Dragon finally faces Chicken Feathers in an attempt to defeat him before he can carry out the assassination. Chicken Feathers proves to be too good for the new White Dragon, however. When White Dragon tries to exploit his "weak points," she ends up injured(breaking her leg while trying to kick Feathers in the nuts) and dependent on Feathers, who does nurse her back to health after their heated battle. While Chicken Feathers plays nurse, White Dragon seeks to find his true weak point to stop him once and for all. What she finds instead is that Chicken Feathers has fallen in love with her, and that he is growing on her as well.

After a while her leg healed and Chicken Feathers found a letter for Second Prince Tian Yang and had it read by the town's doctor. This letter made Chicken Feathers thinking that Black Phoenix already has a boyfriend, namely the Second Prince Tian Yang. Chicken Feathers confronted Phoenix Black with this and they ended up struggling. Accidentally the girl stabbed her flute into the back of Chicken Feathers, which gave him a moment of sight. She ran away.

The Third Prince, brother of the Second Prince, apparently hired Chicken Feathers to kill his brother, this was revealed at the very last scene.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
When i look at the cover of the disc, i thought its gonna be those damn boring fighting movie. But i was wrong with the comedy aspects added in the movie, it become more lively and not that boring too. Overall the movie and storyline is ok, but it won't definitely attract me to watch it again lol

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