Monday, January 6, 2014

Little Ashes

 Released Year: 2008
Directed by Paul Morrison
Casted by:
Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dalí
 Javier Beltrán as Federico García Lorca
 Matthew McNulty as Luis Buñuel
 Marina Gatell as Magdalena
In 1922, 18-year-old Salvador Dalí arrives at university in Madrid. The Residencia de Estudiantes, or Students' Residence, is a modern environment which encourages Spain's brightest young minds. Salvador, who is determined to become a great artist, soon catches the attention of the Resi's social elite — poet Federico García Lorca and aspiring filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Together they form the nucleus of the most modern group in Madrid.

Their private lives become increasingly complex as Federico ignores the advances of devoted friend and writer Magdalena, and Salvador himself feels the pull of Federico's magnetism. Luis, becoming increasingly isolated by the duo's closeness, decides to move to Paris to fulfil his own artistic ambitions. Meanwhile, Salvador and Federico leave Madrid to spend the summer at the seaside village of Cadaques, at the home of Dalí's family.

Federico finds himself accepted into the Dalí family as he and Salvador grow closer until, one night, their friendship becomes romantic. Even as they draw closer, their relationship appears doomed. Luis visits them at university and becomes more suspicious and appalled by their apparent closeness.

Salvador finds Federico's obsession with him more than he is prepared to handle and moves to Paris. Consumed by the high society and decadence, Salvador is soon entangled with Gala, a married woman with a penchant for celebrities. When Federico visits, he finds his friend is a changed man, in his life and his politics.
 L² Scored: 9/10
L² Comment:
Not a bad film actually, storyline is good and i love the 20s 30s scenery very much. Pattinson is kinda chub in this film but its alright, still cute. But i definitely dislike the mustache on him at the later part of the movie, fake!

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