Tuesday, January 7, 2014

As the Light Goes Out 救火英雄

 Released Year: 2014
Directed by 郭子健 Derek Kwok
Casted by:
謝霆鋒 Nicholas Tse as 何永森 Sam
 余文樂 Shawn Yue as 游邦潮 Chill
 任達華 Simon Yam as 李培道 Dou
胡軍 Hu Jun as 海洋 Yang
白冰 Bai Bing as 楊琳 Lam
 安志杰 Andy On as 葉志輝 Fai
Sam, Chill & Fai lost trust on each other after a fire because Sam and Chill decided to disobey order and went further for help. Year later, Fai has become the head of a station and Sam wish to transfer to a new station while Chill only focus on his son.
Fai's son went to visit on the power station and get lost in the back staircase. A fire on a village might cause big explosion to the power station, Fai pressure Sam on the spot. Sam forced to ignore Yang & Dou's advice and left the scene. After that power station Lam inform on the dangerous issue. Sam went for help without Fai approval. Fai went and accidentally fall and dead.
Explosion happened and disaster cause the whole Hong Kong went dark in the Christmas eve. The fire fighter risk their life and safe this fire. And it sacrifice Sam and Dou...
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
I give this a full score as non of the scene is bored and it was so exciting to watch. The storyline is good and love the way it brought out Hu Jun and his son's relationship in the movie, very touching. Can see that Nicholas has improved a lot on his acting, love it. Andy On still hot but Shawn seems to be faded a bit. Overall this is a good film, watch it!


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