Monday, November 30, 2015


 Released Year: 2008
Directed by Tony Leondis

Voiced by:
John Cusack as Igor
Molly Shannon as Eva
Steve Buscemi as Scamper
Sean Hayes as Brain
Jennifer Coolidge as Jaclyn / Heidi
Eddie Izzard as Dr. Schadenfreude
Jay Leno as King Malbert
The Kingdom of Malaria's environment is devastated by a mysterious storm. Its king, Malbert, then blackmails the rest of the world to pay the town not to unleash the various doomsday devices invented by its Evil Scientists. They in turn are assisted by Igors, while the kingdom's annual Evil Science Fair showcases the scientists' latest weapons. One Igor, however, who serves the somewhat tedious-minded Doctor Glickenstein, is a talented inventor who aspires to be an Evil Scientist himself. Among his inventions are his friends "Scamper," a re-animated, immortal rabbit with a death wish and "Brain," a unintelligent human brain transplanted into a life support jar.

When the malfunctioning invention explodes and decimates Glickenstein, Igor sees his chance. With Brain and Scamper's help, he assembles a huge, monstrous being from human remains. When he brings her to life, however, he discovers that the "Evil Bone" he gave her was not activated, making her kind, friendly and feminine. Igor tries to convince her that she is evil, inadvertently naming her "Eva", while an attempt to brainwash her into becoming evil turns her into an aspiring actress instead. Igor decides to exhibit Eva at the science fair anyway, telling her that the fair is an "Annie" audition.

Igor's nemesis Dr. Schadenfreude learns of Eva's existence and attempts to steal her, but when that fails, he exposes Igor to King Malbert, who sends Igor to an "Igor Recycling Plant." Schadenfreude activates Eva's Evil Bone and unleashes her into the Science Fair, where she destroys all of the Evil Inventions. Scamper and Brain help Igor escape from the recycling plant and they learn that Malbert had deliberately killed Malaria's crops with a weather ray that made storm clouds so he could implement his "Evil Inventions" plan, thereby keeping himself in power. Rushing into the arena, Igor reasons with Eva to deactivate her Evil Bone and allowing her to regain her sweet personality, while Scamper and Brain deactivate the weather ray which falls and crushes Malbert to death. Schadenfreude attempts to take power but the citizens revolt upon learning of Malbert's deception. The monarchy has been dissolved and Malaria normally becomes a republic, with Igor as president. Schadenfreude is relegated to a pickle salesman, while the annual Science Fair is now an annual musical theater showcase.
 L² Scored: 9.5/10

L² Comment:
Well, I never knows there is such an animation make few years ago...The beginning is a bit confusing and disturbing looking at the characters... But after a few minutes when I get the meaning of it, the movie started to seems interesting... Though a lot of ppl critics that the character of these are kinda Tim Burton's style, but hey I don't mind at all and i think this movie portrait a very good message to me "u can be simple and just nice by looking like the way u r :)"

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Hole 2009

 Released Year: 2009
Directed by Joe Dante

Casted by:
Chris Massoglia as Dane Thompson
Haley Bennett as Julie Campbell
Nathan Gamble as Lucas Thompson
Teri Polo as Susan Thompson
17-year-old Dane Thompson, his 10-year-old brother Lucas, and their mother, Susan, move from Brooklyn to the quiet town of Bensenville. Dane and Lucas befriend their next door neighbor, Julie. Dane and Lucas find a trapdoor with several locks along each side. They discover a hole which appears to be bottomless. When Julie arrives, they lower a video camera into the hole. They look at the recording and see static. They turn away from the screen to their mother. An eye appears on the screen.

Over the next few days, each child experiences strange events. One day, the little girl appears in the boys' home. The trio follow her to the basement and watch, as she crawls into the hole. The previous owner of the house, Creepy Carl, now lives in an abandoned glove factory. When the kids tell him that they have opened the hole, he berates them for releasing the evil inside. Later that night, Carl is seen scribbling in a sketchbook, almost blacking out entire pages. Carl screaming "I'm not done!" as the light bulbs around him pop.

The sketchbook turns out to belong to Dane, who returns to the factory to retrieve it. He finds his sketchbook in the darkness; Creepy Carl is gone. Julie decides to get the group relaxed and throws a pool party. While under the water, Dane sees the same giant man standing above. Once out of the pool, he notices a trail of muddy footprints. He and Julie follow the footprints, leaving Lucas alone, but returned shortly when they heard her pet dog, Charlie, barking. They return to see Lucas drowning. Lucas tells them that the clown puppet had pulled him to the bottom of the pool.

Later that night, while Lucas is asleep, Dane sees a hand-shaped bruise on Lucas' leg. He discovers that it is identical to a hand that Creepy Carl had drawn in the sketchbook. As he flips through the sketchbook, he realizes that each page is a puzzle piece. While working on the puzzle, Dane hears someone whistling. When he walks into the kitchen, he sees an envelope addressed to him from the New Jersey State Penitentiary. A note inside reads 'HELLO BOY'. He rushes upstairs to Lucas and tells him that someone is in the house. While Dane investigates, Lucas meets a police officer standing at the bottom of the stairs. The police officer ascends the stairs to show Lucas a picture of two little girls. He asks Lucas if he has seen one of them and points to the little girl whom Julie encountered in the bathroom. The police officer leaves the picture with Lucas and descends the stairs. Lucas watches the cop return to the basement and climb into the hole. The girl then appears in Julie's room. Julie climbs out of her window and meets the boys. She reveals to Dane that she and her best friend Annie were playing on the tracks of an old roller coaster. There was an accident and Annie fell to her death. In an attempt to help Julie, a police officer had also fallen and was killed. She decides to return to the amusement park where the accident occurred. Dane goes after her.

Julie finds her friend sitting on the same spot from which she fell. After Julie helps Annie understand that she had tried to save her, Annie disappears. Meanwhile, Lucas hears Dane calling him to the basement where the puppet attacks him. Lucas successfully destroys the puppet. Dane and Julie come home and Lucas announces that he's no longer afraid of clowns. Dane then tells them of a theory that once you look into the hole it somehow knows you and creates whatever you are afraid of. When asked what he's afraid of, Dane replies that he's not afraid of anything.

Julie then invites Dane and Lucas to stay at her place for the night. As Lucas is gathering his things, Dane shows Julie the puzzle he had been working on. They solve the puzzle together and see a boy being grabbed by a giant man. Dane rushes upstairs to find that Lucas is gone. Dane finally reveals that he is afraid of his father, who had abused the entire family and is now in prison. Realizing that his father has taken Lucas into the hole, Dane jumps into the hole as well.

He finds Lucas hiding in a closet. Their father, who has become a giant, starts to break through the door. They turn around and discover what seems to be a ladder. Dane tells Lucas to start climbing. Dane starts to follow, when his father drags him back down. Dane confronts his father. As Dane fights him off, the giant father slowly returns to his actual size. Their surroundings begin to crumble. Dane gives the crumbling floor one final blow. The floor breaks apart and the father falls away.

Dane emerges from the hole where Julie and Lucas are waiting. They close the hole, just as their mother comes down to the basement. She sees the trapdoor and opens it, revealing a shallow crawl space below. As the group heads upstairs, Lucas asks his mom if she is afraid of anything. She replies that it is a monster that was under her bed when she was a little girl. Lucas says, "Uh oh," as the trapdoor opens again.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Wow, a very impressive horror movie. Love the storyline, it keeps you interested and when you think you already know what will happen next, it totally twist and get you surprise. Overall its not bad, as this movie is not same like other horror movies which tons of stupid boring un-meaningful scenes, very straight to the point and i like it :) The only bad thing is, how come the movie's title is so sucks and normal? gosh !!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Released Year: 2009
Directed by Patrick Tatopoulos

Casted by:
Michael Sheen as Lucian
Bill Nighy as Viktor
Rhona Mitra as Sonja
Steven Mackintosh as Andreas Tanis
The film tells the story of Lucian, the first werewolf born in human form and the first to be called a Lycan. Viktor, a vampire elder, raises the child, and envisions a race of Lycan slaves that could keep guard of the coven's fortress during the day and be used as laborers by the vampires at night. To this end, Viktor demands from the local human nobles a tribute of silver, with which to keep his slaves under control. As Lucian grows up, he and Viktor's daughter Sonja fall in love and begin a secretive intimate relationship in their adult years. Sonja is reckless and insubordinate, and one night Lucian escapes and rescues Sonja from his werewolf brethren. Viktor, despite acknowledging that Lucian saved his daughter, cannot forgive the escape and locks Lucian away.

With the help of Andreas Tanis, Sonja orchestrates Lucian's release in exchange for her seat on the vampire council. Lucian, unable to flee alone, decides to escape after liberating all of the other Lycans. Sonja remains behind but will meet Lucian in three days, and one night while preparing to leave is visited by her father. Viktor asks if she assisted in Lucian's escape, and although she denies it, he discovers the real truth after biting her neck and reading her memories through her blood. Discovering her relationship with Lucian, he then imprisons her. Meanwhile, in the forest, Lucian recruits both human slaves and werewolves to form a force against the vampires. In the fortress, the vampire council and nobles demand that Viktor recapture Lucian, and Viktor replies that he is confident Lucian will return.

Lucian learns about Sonja's imprisonment and eventually rescues her from her room but they are stopped from escaping by Viktor. Sonja, hoping to spare Lucian's life, reveals to him that she is pregnant with Lucian's child. Disgusted, Viktor overpowers her and imprisons both her and Lucian. Sonja is unanimously sentenced to death by the council at a trial presided over by her father, and is executed by exposure to sunlight in Lucian's presence. Viktor later visits her body and retrieves her pendant.

Lucian tries to escape the fortress but his attempt is thwarted by the Death Dealers; Lucian, now able to communicate with and control the Lycans, summons them to storm the fortress. In the melee, the Vampire Council members are killed along with their aides and lesser vampire nobles. When realizing that Viktor intends to flee, Lucian pursues him, and they fight. Lucian stabs Viktor through the mouth with a sword and pushes his body down into a nearby body of water. With the battle over, Lucian's deputy Raze declares that "it is finished", but Lucian realizes this victory is only the beginning of what will become a war between the races.

The film's coda reveals that Viktor has survived his wound, has made it onto a vampire ship fleeing the fortress, and is sealed into an elder hibernation chamber by Tanis. Also, the opening scene of the first Underworld film is shown, with the voice of vampire Kraven revealing to Selene that Viktor had killed her family, not the Lycans, but had spared her life because she reminded him of his executed daughter Sonja; Selene, unaware of the truth, dismisses Kraven's statement as "lies".
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Even though my beloved Beckinsale is not the main role in this third movie, but i still like it... It explain much on the story that has happen and how war really begins for these 2 monster race. Rhona Mitra is kinda cool, but seriously i didn't saw much of her other movie before hehe..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cheerleader Camp

 Released Year: 1988
Direccted by John Quinn

Casted by:
Betsy Russell as Alison Wentworth
Leif Garrett as Brent Hoover
Lucinda Dickey as Cory Foster
Lorie Griffin as Bonnie Reed
George "Buck" Flower as Pop
Travis McKenna as Timmy Moser
Teri Weigel as Pam Bently
Rebecca Ferratti as Theresa Salazar
Alison is a cheerleader at Lindo Valley who is struggling with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. She has a dream in which she is performing a cheerleading routine to an empty stadium; suddenly, her arms are slashed open. She awakens only to realize she had been dreaming. With her fellow cheerleaders, boyfriend, Brent, and friend Timmy, Alison heads to a remote cheerleader camp called Camp Hurrah to compete in a contest, led by the icy Miss Tipton.

At the camp, Alison rooms with Cory, the team mascot who is often ridiculed by the cheerleaders. The girls go to the river where they sunbathe, and are spied on by Tim and the local Sheriff Poucher, who get interrupted by Pop, the camp handyman. The next morning, Alison finds fellow cheerleader Suzy's body in her cabin, her wrists slashed in an apparent suicide.

The next day, Alison goes into the kitchen walk-in freezer to get a soda, and finds Suzy's corpse on a shelf. She calls the police, and Miss Tipton explains to Sheriff Poucher that she didn't want to report Suzy's death until the cheer program had finished that weekend. The Sheriff goes with Miss Tipton to her room, and it is revealed the two are lovers. At an assembly the next morning, Miss Tipton plays a video of cheer performances for the students, only to find that Timmy had replaced it with a sex tape of her and the sheriff.

Later, Alison expresses concern over Brent's flirting with the other girls, specifically Pam— Alison has a nightmare in which she cheers along as Brent has sex with her. At the river the next day, Brent and Pam leave to have sex. When Pam declines, he leaves her in the woods, and she is impaled through the skull with a pair of garden shears by an unseen assailant. That evening, Alison has a dream in which she kills Pam.

The next day at the competition, Alison worries to herself that she may have hurt Pam in a fit of rage and not remember it; she asks Cory what she had done the night before, and Cory tells her she'd been sleeping. The team has to come up with an alternative routine for the Queen's Competition due to Pam's absence. During the announcement of the winner, Theresa leaves to search for Pam, while Bonnie wins the title of cheerleading queen. Cory and Brent follow separately into the woods to look for Pam and Theresa, and Miss Lipton sends Pop to search for her as well. Theresa finds Pam's body in the woods, and is chased down a dirt road by a van which slams her body against a tree. Meanwhile, Miss Lipton stumbles drunkenly into the woods, where she is stabbed in the back.

Timmy goes outside to urinate, and finds Theresa's corpse leaning against a tree. Back at the camp, Alison is approached by Miss Tipton, who dies in front of her. Brent announces at the party that Theresa has been found murdered, causing the cheerleaders to flee the party in a panic. Timmy, Brent, Bonnie, Cory, and Alison are the only remaining students left. When their van doesn't start, they decide to leave on foot.

The four hear gunshots in the woods, causing them to run separate directions; Alison returns to the van followed by Brent, Bonnie, and Cory, who claims someone attacked her in the woods. Brent retrieves Timmy's video camera in the woods. On the video tape, they watch Timmy be impaled by an axe. The four set a booby trap using a bear trap in the tool shed, which inadvertently kills the Sheriff. They then encounter Pop, armed with a shotgun; Cory, believing Pop to be the killer, shoots him to death.

Back at the camp, Cory and Bonnie go to call the police, leaving Brent alone with Alison. He attempts to have sex with her, but she resists. Cory stumbles in, saying she can't find Bonnie; Brent goes to look for her, and Cory tells Alison she thinks Brent may be the killer. Armed with a handgun, Cory sends Alison to shoot Brent. She sees Brent standing over Bonnie's dead body, and shoots him to death. When the police arrive, they charge a distraught Allison with the murders. In the ambulance, Alison insists she only killed Brent, but the detective says that Cory blamed all the murders on her. Alison screams as she is taken away, while Cory, dressed in a cheerleading uniform, cheers in front of the camp at dawn.
L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
This movie is too predictable and kinda boring in certain parts. I expect these bunch of cheerleaders will be screaming queens in horror film like this, but too bad, nothing at all...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Resident Evil: Extinction

Released Year: 2007
Directed by Russell Mulcahy

Casted by:
Milla Jovovich as Alice
Ali Larter as Claire Redfield
Oded Fehr as Carlos Oliveira
Iain Glen as Dr. Sam Isaacs
Ashanti as Betty
Mike Epps as L.J. Wade
Alice wakes up disoriented in a mansion. She wanders through the halls, where she defeats several obstacles, including a laser beam obstacle (from the first film) and a giant blade that falls from the ceiling. However, she is eventually killed by a miniature machine gun. Her body is dumped into a pit filled with hundreds of Alice clones. The camera zooms out to show a shack camouflaging the facility's above-ground entrance - with the rest of the facility located underground, surrounded by a high fence and thousands of zombies.

Despite the best efforts of the bio-tech company Umbrella Corporation to cover up the contamination of The Hive and the release of the T-virus to the surface, going so far as to authorize the bombing of Raccoon City, the T-Virus has spread around the world. As the virus spread, it affected not only humans, but other animals as well, and the environment deteriorated, turning cities into desolate landscapes and the wilderness into wastelands. The real Alice (from whom the clones are made) wanders the wastelands of the Southwestern U.S. She responds to a group asking for help on the radio. It turns out that they are bandits who attempt to rape and kill her, but she manages to kill them all. On her travels, she finds a dead man's diary which states that there is an uninfected area in Alaska.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Isaacs, former head of Project Alice and the head of the North American Umbrella facility, operated in Nevada, considers Alice's recapture be a top priority, since she has the ability to bond with the T-virus and not suffer mutation. He tries to persuade the Umbrella board, operating via holograms from the world-wide Umbrella facility, that he can use her blood to develop a permanent cure as well as tame the infected zombies. The new Umbrella chairman Albert Wesker (Jason O'Mara) orders Isaacs to use the clones to create a cure, and he refuses to authorize Alice's recapture until they are informed of her location.

Meanwhile, a convoy of survivors led by Claire Redfield's travels across the country in search of supplies. The convoy includes Raccoon City survivors Carlos Oliveira and L.J., along with new survivors K-Mart, Mikey, Chase and Nurse Betty and others.

While searching a motel for supplies, L.J. is bitten by a zombie, which he keeps secret. The next morning the convoy is attacked by crows that had been feeding on the infected. The crows almost overwhelm the convoy, killing Nurse Betty and Otto and taking out the flamethrower operator, causing the weapon to careen out of control. Alice appears and saves Carlos and the others from a fiery death, using her telekinesis powers to fill the sky with fire, killing the crows. Alice is introduced to Claire and gives her a diary she found. Alice and Carlos convince Claire to take her convoy to Alaska. They agree to go to Las Vegas to search for gasoline and supplies for their trip to Alaska.

Dr. Isaacs' attempts to domesticate the infected have led to a new zombie breed that remembers basic things, such as how to use phones and cameras. Wesker's security officer, Captain Alexander Slater (Matthew Marsden), is adamant about Isaacs' disregard for Umbrella's regulations. Slater does admit that the, "super zombies" (the Crimson Head) would be useful, but reiterates that Isaacs is out of control. Wesker, in private, informs Slater to keep watch on Isaacs' actions, and tells Slater that if Issacs disobeys orders, Slater should fire Isaacs.

Umbrella triangulates Alice's location based on the signal sent out by her telekinesis abilities. Dr. Isaacs has a crate of his new zombies sent to ambush the convoy, against Wesker's specific orders. L.J. succumbs to his infection and bites Carlos. Most of the convoy, including Chase and Mikey, are killed in the ambush. Umbrella tries to shut Alice down remotely, but she breaks free from their programming and continues to fight. She finds Isaacs at the scene, and he becomes infected as he tries to flee. Alice and K-Mart use Isaacs' computer to track the helicopter's flight path, leading them to Umbrella's underground location.

The convoy goes to the site, which is surrounded by zombies. Carlos sacrifices himself by plowing his truck into the zombie mob and blowing them all up, giving Alice and Claire time to load survivors into the helicopter. Alice decides to stay behind. Ordered by Wesker to terminate Isaacs, Slater arrives with a group of commandos, and finds the scientist locked in his lab, injecting himself with massive doses of anti-virus in an attempt to counteract the infection, explaining that the zombies are enhanced and as such, he requires a bigger dosage of the anti-virus; he disobeys Slater's command to stop, since it will only increase his mutation. Isaacs refuses, and Slater reveals that his employment is terminated and shoots him, triggering his mutation into a monstrous Tyrant. Despite retaining his intelligence and thought, Isaacs kills Slater and all the facility employees, but is confined to the lab's lower levels.

Entering the facility, Alice meets a holograph of the Red Queen's sister AI, the White Queen (Madeline Carroll). The White Queen informs Alice that her blood is the cure to the T-Virus, defending the Red Queen's actions as well. She then tells Alice about Dr. Isaacs. Alice agrees to deal with him. On her way to the lab's lower levels, Alice discovers one of her clones, still in development. The clone awakens, but seems to die from shock upon seeing Alice. Alice finds a replica of the mansion she lived in and finds Isaacs, who fights her with equal strength and telekinesis. Finding themselves in a replica of the Hive's laser corridor, Alice awaits the grid's arrival, watching Isaacs getting sliced into cubes. Just as Alice is about to meet the same fate, the system is deactivated by her clone, which has inexplicably revived.

Later, in Tokyo, Japan, Wesker, who is the head of the Tokyo Umbrella facility, informs the rest of the Umbrella chairmen, all holograms, that the North American facility has been lost. Alice's hologram makes an appearance, declaring that she is coming for him, and she's bringing some of her "friends." Standing beside her clone, Alice looks out onto a huge number of pods containing her developing clones.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
The beginning of the movie is very mysterious and kinda impressive for me, it draws your attention very fast for those Resident Evil's hardcore fans, as you guys will remember all these scenes were exactly the same from the first movie and why is it like this...?  Of coz after that the huge bunch of zombies attacks are kinda cool but it quickly bores me out a lil bit when they were fighting against the zombies outside...

After tat when the professor tried to control himself from become a zombie and he actually become one was so cool :) i thought he will appeared in more scenes but nope... the bad ass zombie only fights a while and then die, what a big turn off :p

Friday, November 20, 2015


 Released Year: 2000
Directed by Mark Rosman

Casted by:
Lindsay Lohan as Casey Stuart
Tyra Banks as Eve
Jere Burns as Ben Stuart
Anne Marie Loder as Drew Mitchell
Casey Stuart, is a tomboy who is the quarterback of her school's 7th-grade football team. Since her mother died, she has been avoiding her old friends and arguing with a boy on her team. Wanting to bring her mother back to life, Casey finds a book of magic with a section on resurrecting the dead at a local book store. A successful resurrection will become permanent unless it is undone before sunset on the fourth day after it begins. However, since the book was expensive, she left all the money she had on the shelf in a glass compartment which is where the book was. Following the book's instructions, Casey collects artifacts from her mother's life, including strands of hair in her hairbrush. However, the resurrection is unwittingly sabotaged when Drew Mitchell, a woman who works with and is romantically interested in Casey's father Ben, gives Casey an Eve doll. Eve is a plastic doll in the form of a beautiful young woman, manufactured by Marathon Toys. She has lots of accessories, including outfits appropriate to challenging careers such as law enforcement, medicine, and aerospace, and lives in Sunnyvale, "in the middle of America".

As Casey is preparing to resurrect her mother, Drew stops by to give her the doll for her birthday and uses the hairbrush to brush the doll's hair. With strands from the doll remaining on the brush as Casey utters the incantation, the magic acts on the doll rather than Casey's mother, and Casey wakes up the next morning to find Eve in bed with her in full-size human form. Casey is upset by this, but Eve is excited about being human. Over the next few days, Eve buys clothes at the local shopping mall, uses her police training to stop a truck that almost runs Casey over, smells and eats for the first time, tries to do secretarial work, sings her theme song, and almost sets the Stuarts' kitchen on fire. She also helps Casey cope with the loss of her mother. Meanwhile, Casey discovers that she needs the second volume of the magic book to reverse Eve's spell.

During this time, tension builds between Casey and her father, who has been missing her football games while trying to secure a promotion in his law firm. The tension is further increased by Ben's attraction to Eve, which Casey resents as a betrayal of her mother. Eve helps people turn into a better version of themselves.

As the film proceeds, Casey and Eve gradually become friends. Eve displays insight and sensitivity in talking with Casey about her mother, and she helps Casey with her self-confidence. In exchange, Casey gives Eve tips on how to be a popular doll and a good role model. By the time the magic book arrives at the local bookstore, Casey has decided she likes Eve, so she doesn't buy it. Unfortunately, Eve has been getting homesick. Discouraged by her difficulties in being human and worried about being discontinued by Marathon, Eve decides to undo the spell herself. After buying the book and saying good-bye to Ben at Casey's championship game, she goes to Sunnyvale, a specially decorated room at Marathon headquarters, and recites the incantation. When Casey and Ben arrive, she tearfully bids them farewell and turns back into a doll. Sometime later, with the lessons learned from her experiences in the human world, she becomes a popular toy again. Casey resumes her old friendships, Ben is promoted at work, and Drew takes him to lunch.

The film ends as the cast dances to Eve's theme song.
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
15 years ago when Tyra is in her best shape ever, yes she looks like a perfect doll. Announced in September 2015, there will be a sequel of this movie after so man years and it will shows in Xmas 2016 with Tyra as the doll again, can she?

I don't think the fucked up Lohan will still be used by Disney but there's a possibility for Tyra if she keep back her shape, or she can recommend one of her contestant from ANTM to be in the movie with her, it will be so cool :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Phone Booth

 Released Year: 2002
Directed by Joel Schumacher

Casted by:
Colin Farrell as Stu Shepard
Forest Whitaker as Capt. Ed Ramey
Kiefer Sutherland as The Caller
Radha Mitchell as Kelly Shepard
Katie Holmes as Pamela McFadden
Stu Shepard is an arrogant New York City publicist who has been courting a woman named Pam behind his wife Kelly. He uses the last remaining public phone booth in the city to contact Pam. During the call, he is interrupted by a pizza delivery man, who attempts to deliver a free pizza to him, but Stu rudely turns him away by insulting his weight. As soon as Stu completes his call to Pam, the phone rings. Stu answers, to find that the caller, who knows his name, warns him not to leave the booth, and says he will say hello to Pam for him. He also says he will call Kelly, leaving Stu panicked.

The caller tells Stu that he has tested two previous individuals who have done wrong deeds in a similar manner (one was a pedophile, the other was a company insider who cashed out his stock options before the share price collapsed), giving each a chance to reveal the truth to those they wronged, but in both cases, neither agreed and were killed. To demonstrate the threat, the caller fires a suppressed sniper rifle at a toy robot sold by a nearby vendor; the damage is unseen by anyone but Stu, the caller, and the vendor. The caller demands that Stu confess his feelings for Pam to both Kelly and Pam to avoid being killed. The caller contacts Pam, and puts her on line with Stu, who reveals that he is married. The caller then hangs up, telling Stu to call Kelly himself.

As Stu hesitates, the booth is approached by three prostitutes demanding to use the phone. Stu refuses to leave, having been warned by the caller to stay in the booth and not reveal the situation. Leon, the prostitutes' pimp, joins his charges, smashes the side of the booth, grabs at Stu in a headlock and starts punching him. The caller offers to "make him stop" and asks if Stu can hear him, which Stu just answers positively, causing the caller to misunderstand Stu and shoot Leon. Leon staggers away before collapsing dead in the street. The prostitutes immediately blame Stu, making a scene over Leon's body, accusing him of having a gun as the police and news crews converge on the location.

Police Captain Ed Ramey, already suspecting Stu of being the killer, seals off the streets with police roadblocks and starts trying to negotiate to get him to leave the booth, but Stu refuses, telling the caller that there is no way they can incriminate him; the caller proves him wrong, calling his attention to a handgun that was planted in the roof of the phone booth. Both Kelly and Pam soon arrive on the scene. The caller demands that Stu tell Kelly the truth, which he does. The caller then orders Stu to choose between Kelly and Pam, and the woman he does not choose will be killed.

While on the phone with the caller, Stu secretly uses his cell phone to call Kelly, allowing her to overhear his conversation with the caller. She, in turn, quietly informs Captain Ramey of this. Meanwhile, Stu continues to confess to everyone that his whole life is a lie, to make himself look more important than he really is or even feels. Stu's confession provides sufficient distraction to allow the police to trace the payphone call to a nearby building, and Ramey uses coded messages to inform Stu of this. Stu warns the caller that the police are on the way, and the caller replies that if he is caught, then he will kill Kelly. Panicked, Stu grabs the handgun and leaves the booth, screaming for the sniper to kill him instead of Kelly. The police fire upon Stu, while a smaller force breaks into the room that the caller was tracked to, only to find the gun and a man's corpse.

Stu regains consciousness to find the police fired only rubber bullets at him, stunning but not harming him. Stu and Kelly happily reunite. As the police bring down the body, Stu identifies it as the pizza delivery man from earlier. Stu gets medical treatment at a local ambulance; as he does, a man with a briefcase (the caller) passes by and says that he regrets killing the pizza deliverer and warns Stu that if his new-found honesty does not last, he will be hearing from him again. The man disappears into the crowd with Stu unable to call out due to being sedated by the paramedics. As he does, someone else is being called from that same line. We only hear him say, "Hello?"
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Its simple, its straight-forward, damn but this movie is still able to make you feel goosebumps! Love the whole movie, love the storyline, love all the actings and yes i fucking love how this film is make :) Two thumbs up for this and a big applause for Colin Farrell as well~ first time i feel tat he is an actor but not just a sexy icon.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Intimates 自梳

 Released Year: 1997
Directed by 張之亮 Jacob Cheung

Casted by:
劉嘉玲 Carina Lau as 玉環 Huan
楊采妮 Charlie Yeung as 意歡 Fun
歸亞蕾 Grace Guei as 歡姑 Aunty Fun
李綺虹 Theresa Lee as 家慧 Hooi
Hooi is ordered by her father to bring the family old maid to look for a friend. The old maid aunty Fun is actually a lesbian during young time and the movie flash back her life in her younger days.

Fun is being sold by her parents to a rich old man, she escaped and went to a Gu Poh house and join as a Zhi Shu Nv. But the parents follow together with the rich man's servants. Fun almost killed herself but was saved by Huan with huge money. Fun follows the other Zhi Shu Nv to work in a rich man who has eight wife, Huan appeared to be the 8th wife but she was used by her husband as sex tool in expanding his business. 

Feeling disappointing, Huan place her feeling for Fun. Fun in another hand have sex with her first love and accidentally pregnant, To avoid being punished, Fun do abortion by herself. Both of the ladies fed up with guys and decided to do a small business by selling hawker food. Slowly they have build up feeling for each other. But during the world war, they were forced to separate.

Huan is upset and believe that Fun has yet to die, so she changed her name into Fun and taking care of Fun's family. In the end, it reveal that aunty Fun is actually the young Huan, she advice Hooi in her relationship and even save her from a suicide after Hooi broke off with her boyfriend. Finally, Huan (aunty Fun) managed to find back the real Fun and they appreciate each other from now on...
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
Well, there's not really a lot of lesbian asian movie actually... So this I consider not bad, heard of this movie long time ago but didn't have the chance to watch it till now. Not bad... but of course the young Charlie Yeung during that time is not really good in acting lol~

Saturday, November 14, 2015


 Released Year: 2013
Directed by Dan Forgues

Casted by:
Caroline Redekopp as Taylor Evans
Xavier Sotelo as Dr. John Cane
Pat Fry as Samuel
The world of beautiful and successful Taylor Evans begins to break apart, as an unexpected and inexplicable fear of water shattered her psyche. In desperation, she turns to the notorious psychiatrist and phobia specialist Dr. John Cane who brought last a while successful, yet controversial behavioral therapy on the way. Dr. Cane reluctantly agrees to treat Taylor, but only under the condition that the treatment takes place for their own safety on a remote island. Once there felt Taylor that Dr. Cane has not told her the whole truth, and they will overtake a terrible fate, if they can not find a way out of the island. Taylor also learns that Dr. Cane an employee on the island, has the harbors a deep secret for thirty years. Of which driven the island, thus departing from the creepy psychiatrist, she has to face her inner demons in order to save themselves and alive to flee. On the piece of land amidst the scary water is no longer what it seems ...

L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
This is quite a good storyline, but the way this movie was shot does not make me scoring it higher. Not sure whether this is those low budget kinda movie or what, but basically its not bad if truly just speaking on the storyline, the rest i'm not so into it...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Letters to Juliet

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by Gary Winick

Casted by:
Amanda Seyfried as Sophie Hall
Christopher Egan as Charlie Wyman
Vanessa Redgrave as Claire Smith-Wyman
Sophie is a young American woman who works for The New Yorker as a fact checker. She goes on a pre-honeymoon with her chef fiancé Victor to Verona, Italy. Victor is unmoved by the romance of Italy and uses his time to research his soon-to-open restaurant, often neglecting Sophie. Sophie accidentally discovers an unanswered "letter to Juliet" by a Claire Smith from 1957, one of thousands of missives left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard that are typically answered by the "secretaries of Juliet". She answers it and within a week the now elderly Claire arrives in Verona with her handsome barrister grandson Charlie. Claire and Sophie take an instant liking to each other, but Charlie and Sophie do not get along.

Following the advice in Sophie's reply, Claire decides to look for her long-lost love, Lorenzo Bartolini. Sophie, thinking Claire's story might help her with her writing career, helps Claire. The two find out that there are many Lorenzo Bartolinis living in the area. After many days of searching for the right Lorenzo, they find that one is dead. Charlie blames Sophie for his grandmother's sadness. He accuses her of not knowing what real loss is. Claire, witnessing the dispute, tells Charlie he was wrong and that Sophie's mother had walked away from her when she was a little girl. The following day, Claire insists that Charlie apologize to Sophie at breakfast, which he does. After dinner, Sophie talks to Charlie about love, and the two kiss. The following morning is their last day of searching for Lorenzo. On a whim, Claire points out a vineyard to Charlie and asks if he could stop so they can have a farewell drink for Sophie. As Charlie drives down the road, Claire sees a young man who looks exactly like her Lorenzo. They discover the man is Lorenzo Bartolini's grandson, and Claire and Lorenzo reunite.

Back in New York, Sophie breaks up with Victor before returning to Verona to attend Claire and Lorenzo's wedding. She finds Charlie with another woman, Patricia, and runs out crying. Charlie comes out to find her, and she admits she loves him but tells him to go back to Patricia. Charlie tells Sophie that the woman is his cousin Patricia and tells Sophie he loves her. He climbs up the vine to the balcony but accidentally falls down, and they kiss as he lies on the ground.
 L² Scored: 4/10 

L² Comment:
This is the last film directed by Gary Winick before he passed away due to pneumonia. For me this film is not bad, the storyline is kinda expected and Seyfried's acting is just so so... but the film was shot so romantically especially the scene of Verona... Christopher Egan does look like a pretty boy here, but not really into him as well. Overall this film is ok, but don't think i will spend time to watch it again~