Monday, November 30, 2015


 Released Year: 2008
Directed by Tony Leondis

Voiced by:
John Cusack as Igor
Molly Shannon as Eva
Steve Buscemi as Scamper
Sean Hayes as Brain
Jennifer Coolidge as Jaclyn / Heidi
Eddie Izzard as Dr. Schadenfreude
Jay Leno as King Malbert
The Kingdom of Malaria's environment is devastated by a mysterious storm. Its king, Malbert, then blackmails the rest of the world to pay the town not to unleash the various doomsday devices invented by its Evil Scientists. They in turn are assisted by Igors, while the kingdom's annual Evil Science Fair showcases the scientists' latest weapons. One Igor, however, who serves the somewhat tedious-minded Doctor Glickenstein, is a talented inventor who aspires to be an Evil Scientist himself. Among his inventions are his friends "Scamper," a re-animated, immortal rabbit with a death wish and "Brain," a unintelligent human brain transplanted into a life support jar.

When the malfunctioning invention explodes and decimates Glickenstein, Igor sees his chance. With Brain and Scamper's help, he assembles a huge, monstrous being from human remains. When he brings her to life, however, he discovers that the "Evil Bone" he gave her was not activated, making her kind, friendly and feminine. Igor tries to convince her that she is evil, inadvertently naming her "Eva", while an attempt to brainwash her into becoming evil turns her into an aspiring actress instead. Igor decides to exhibit Eva at the science fair anyway, telling her that the fair is an "Annie" audition.

Igor's nemesis Dr. Schadenfreude learns of Eva's existence and attempts to steal her, but when that fails, he exposes Igor to King Malbert, who sends Igor to an "Igor Recycling Plant." Schadenfreude activates Eva's Evil Bone and unleashes her into the Science Fair, where she destroys all of the Evil Inventions. Scamper and Brain help Igor escape from the recycling plant and they learn that Malbert had deliberately killed Malaria's crops with a weather ray that made storm clouds so he could implement his "Evil Inventions" plan, thereby keeping himself in power. Rushing into the arena, Igor reasons with Eva to deactivate her Evil Bone and allowing her to regain her sweet personality, while Scamper and Brain deactivate the weather ray which falls and crushes Malbert to death. Schadenfreude attempts to take power but the citizens revolt upon learning of Malbert's deception. The monarchy has been dissolved and Malaria normally becomes a republic, with Igor as president. Schadenfreude is relegated to a pickle salesman, while the annual Science Fair is now an annual musical theater showcase.
 L² Scored: 9.5/10

L² Comment:
Well, I never knows there is such an animation make few years ago...The beginning is a bit confusing and disturbing looking at the characters... But after a few minutes when I get the meaning of it, the movie started to seems interesting... Though a lot of ppl critics that the character of these are kinda Tim Burton's style, but hey I don't mind at all and i think this movie portrait a very good message to me "u can be simple and just nice by looking like the way u r :)"

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