Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cheerleader Camp

 Released Year: 1988
Direccted by John Quinn

Casted by:
Betsy Russell as Alison Wentworth
Leif Garrett as Brent Hoover
Lucinda Dickey as Cory Foster
Lorie Griffin as Bonnie Reed
George "Buck" Flower as Pop
Travis McKenna as Timmy Moser
Teri Weigel as Pam Bently
Rebecca Ferratti as Theresa Salazar
Alison is a cheerleader at Lindo Valley who is struggling with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. She has a dream in which she is performing a cheerleading routine to an empty stadium; suddenly, her arms are slashed open. She awakens only to realize she had been dreaming. With her fellow cheerleaders, boyfriend, Brent, and friend Timmy, Alison heads to a remote cheerleader camp called Camp Hurrah to compete in a contest, led by the icy Miss Tipton.

At the camp, Alison rooms with Cory, the team mascot who is often ridiculed by the cheerleaders. The girls go to the river where they sunbathe, and are spied on by Tim and the local Sheriff Poucher, who get interrupted by Pop, the camp handyman. The next morning, Alison finds fellow cheerleader Suzy's body in her cabin, her wrists slashed in an apparent suicide.

The next day, Alison goes into the kitchen walk-in freezer to get a soda, and finds Suzy's corpse on a shelf. She calls the police, and Miss Tipton explains to Sheriff Poucher that she didn't want to report Suzy's death until the cheer program had finished that weekend. The Sheriff goes with Miss Tipton to her room, and it is revealed the two are lovers. At an assembly the next morning, Miss Tipton plays a video of cheer performances for the students, only to find that Timmy had replaced it with a sex tape of her and the sheriff.

Later, Alison expresses concern over Brent's flirting with the other girls, specifically Pam— Alison has a nightmare in which she cheers along as Brent has sex with her. At the river the next day, Brent and Pam leave to have sex. When Pam declines, he leaves her in the woods, and she is impaled through the skull with a pair of garden shears by an unseen assailant. That evening, Alison has a dream in which she kills Pam.

The next day at the competition, Alison worries to herself that she may have hurt Pam in a fit of rage and not remember it; she asks Cory what she had done the night before, and Cory tells her she'd been sleeping. The team has to come up with an alternative routine for the Queen's Competition due to Pam's absence. During the announcement of the winner, Theresa leaves to search for Pam, while Bonnie wins the title of cheerleading queen. Cory and Brent follow separately into the woods to look for Pam and Theresa, and Miss Lipton sends Pop to search for her as well. Theresa finds Pam's body in the woods, and is chased down a dirt road by a van which slams her body against a tree. Meanwhile, Miss Lipton stumbles drunkenly into the woods, where she is stabbed in the back.

Timmy goes outside to urinate, and finds Theresa's corpse leaning against a tree. Back at the camp, Alison is approached by Miss Tipton, who dies in front of her. Brent announces at the party that Theresa has been found murdered, causing the cheerleaders to flee the party in a panic. Timmy, Brent, Bonnie, Cory, and Alison are the only remaining students left. When their van doesn't start, they decide to leave on foot.

The four hear gunshots in the woods, causing them to run separate directions; Alison returns to the van followed by Brent, Bonnie, and Cory, who claims someone attacked her in the woods. Brent retrieves Timmy's video camera in the woods. On the video tape, they watch Timmy be impaled by an axe. The four set a booby trap using a bear trap in the tool shed, which inadvertently kills the Sheriff. They then encounter Pop, armed with a shotgun; Cory, believing Pop to be the killer, shoots him to death.

Back at the camp, Cory and Bonnie go to call the police, leaving Brent alone with Alison. He attempts to have sex with her, but she resists. Cory stumbles in, saying she can't find Bonnie; Brent goes to look for her, and Cory tells Alison she thinks Brent may be the killer. Armed with a handgun, Cory sends Alison to shoot Brent. She sees Brent standing over Bonnie's dead body, and shoots him to death. When the police arrive, they charge a distraught Allison with the murders. In the ambulance, Alison insists she only killed Brent, but the detective says that Cory blamed all the murders on her. Alison screams as she is taken away, while Cory, dressed in a cheerleading uniform, cheers in front of the camp at dawn.
L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
This movie is too predictable and kinda boring in certain parts. I expect these bunch of cheerleaders will be screaming queens in horror film like this, but too bad, nothing at all...

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