Thursday, July 9, 2015

Green Chair 녹색의자 绿色椅子 2005

Released Year: 2005 
Directed by 朴哲洙 Park Chul-soo

Casted by:
徐情 Seo Jung as 文姬 Mun Hee
沈志浩 Shim Ji-ho as 玄 Hyun
吴允香 Oh Yun-hong as 贞娜 Jean
Kim Mun-hee is a 32 year old divorced woman. She eventually engages in an affair with 19 year old Seo-hyun, who considers Kim to be his first love. However, according to Korean law, when it comes to sex, one is not of full age until 20.

Kim is arrested and has to spend a few days in prison for seduction of minors, before she is set free and sentenced to do some hours of community service. After being released, the press and Seo-hyun wait for her outside of the prison.

Mun-hee and Seo-hyun rent a room and stay there for some time, where they spend almost all of their time having sex. Mun-hee slowly starts to understand that this kind of relationship won't work forever, and wants to split up with Seo-hyun. But the boy insists that he really loves her, and that he won't let her go. The two find shelter at the home of a friend of Mun-hee, Jane
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
A story of a 30+ woman fall in love with a young boy who is less than 20yo~ Its kinda cool and something new for me, but Shim Ji-ho nice ass is much more an attractive thingy in this movie lol~ The only thing i don't understand is, why the title is call "Green Chair"? This color of chair never exist in the movie, unless it has a special meaning in the Korea society... By the way, there is a remake of this film in 2013, hopefully i can manage to find it then~

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