Monday, July 6, 2015

Due West: Our Sex Journey 一路向西

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 胡耀辉 Wu Yao Hui

Casted by:
張建聲 Justin Cheong as 向西 Frankie
王宗堯 Gregory Wong as 王靜 Jing
郭穎兒 Celia Kwok as Zeta
莫綺雯 Mok Yi Wen as Zoey
王李丹妮 Daniella Wang as 小思 Si
Frankie was young and masturbate by watching a CD he borrow from Jing. His parents are back and in the end funny things happened and from that onwards, his mother let him have more freedom as an adult. Frankie thought he was having sex with his lovable Si, but it was the tomboy actually, feeling humiliated, he decided to study in England and left everything behind. He got a hot girlfirend Margaret but due to the culture difference, he came back to Hong Kong.

After came back, he met Zeta who later on become his girlfriend. Zeta is very hygienic and never allow Frankie to lick her nipples or do any oral sex for him. Feeling frustrated, Frankie met Jing again and Jing brought him to China and look for hooker. There he met a 36F hooker Si who make love wildly with him. But Si can never be his, and Frankie went back to Zeta... But after that, he needs to on and off went back to China because he is addicted to hooker Si.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Super super love this HK erotic movie, very nice and seriously Daniella's 36F is so damn beautiful, legendary Amy Yip might loss to her as well. Beside this, Justin Cheong is damn cute, but i hope he can show us more of himself instead of just his ass :p  

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