Sunday, July 27, 2014

Triangle 2009

 Released Year: 2009
Directed by Christopher Smith

Casted by:
Melissa George as Jess
Michael Dorman as Greg
Liam Hemsworth as Victor
Rachael Carpani as Sally
Henry Nixon as Downey
Jess prepares to take her autistic son Tommy on a trip with her friend Greg on his boat. Joining them are Victor, a runaway teen who lives with Greg; Sally and Downey, married friends of Greg; and Heather, a friend of Sally's. Jess arrives without Tommy and sleeps for the first few hours. Victor tells Greg that when he asked about Tommy, she zoned out before claiming he's at school. Not long after Jess wakes up, the wind dies and an electrical storm approaches. While radioing the coast guard, Greg picks up a distress call from an unknown woman, but requests for coordinates go unanswered. The storm soon reaches them, and Heather is swept out into the water as the boat capsizes. When the storm clears, the others climb onto the upturned boat, stranded.

They soon spot a cruise ship and yell for help. They board as it passes, only to find it apparently deserted, though Jess feels déjà vu as they explore. While examining a display case for Aeolus, the ship's namesake, they hear a noise nearby and find Jess's keys, convincing Sally that Heather is also aboard. In the dining hall, Jess spots someone watching them, and Victor runs off after them. Jess and Greg continue on and find a room with 'Go To Theater' written in blood on a mirror. Upset at Greg's disinterest, she returns to the dining hall. A bloodied Victor also returns and tries to strangle her, but dies when she aggravates his head wound in the struggle. She then hears a gunshot and follows it to the theater, finding Sally and Downey beside Greg's corpse. As they accuse her of killing Greg and sending them there, the burlap-masked shooter kills everyone but Jess from above. The shooter chases Jess to the ship's front deck, where she fights back and disarms the shooter, who speaks incoherently under the mask before falling off the ship.

Minutes later, she hears yelling from off the ship and looks in shock at herself and the others on the upturned boat. As she trails them, she drops her keys near the display case and is spotted just outside the dining hall. When Victor catches up to her, she accidentally impales his head on a wall hook while trying to explain things. She flees to a locker room containing shotguns and multiple copies of a note saying to kill everyone who boards. When her locket falls into a vent, she sees a pile of identical lockets inside. She takes a gun and confronts herself and Victor in the dining hall, scaring off her counterpart to save Victor. She then runs to the theater and shoots at the shooter, saving Sally and Downey. She leaves them her gun and returns to get Victor, but discovers he was thrown overboard.

The shooter, revealed to be another Jess, finds and leads Sally and Downey to the room with the bloody mirror. She then pulls a knife, stabbing Sally and savagely attacking Downey as Sally escapes. She finds a communication room and begs for help over the link, but flees before she gets a reply. The current Jess arrives as Greg responds over the link, revealing Sally to be the unknown distress caller. Jess finds Sally on an upper deck filled with Sally corpses, and watches from above as the new Jess kills the shooter Jess and throws the body overboard. As Sally dies, the upturned boat returns again, and Jess realizes the time loop restarts when everyone is killed. Desperate to stop the loop and prevent them from boarding, she sets everything from the first loop into motion, with herself as the shooter. When she is disarmed, she urges her counterpart to kill everyone when they return before falling off the ship.

She awakens washed ashore and returns home to find herself returned to that morning. As she watches from outside, it's revealed that Jess abuses Tommy out of anger toward his autism. She distracts her counterpart with the doorbell and grabs a hammer, and then enters and beats her to death. After assuring Tommy it was a bad dream, echoing the film's first scene, she loads the bagged body into the trunk and leaves with Tommy. As she promises to stop the abuse, a seagull hits the windshield and leaves bloody tracks. To appease Tommy, she pulls over to toss the dead bird over the embankment and sees a pile of dead birds below. Realizing she's still trapped in the loop, she hurriedly drives away but is distracted by Tommy's panicking; while trying to calm him down, they veer into oncoming traffic and are hit by a truck. As she watches people gather around the bodies, a taxi driver approaches and claims nothing can save Tommy. She accepts a ride to the harbor and, when asked, promises to return. She then joins the others on the boat, intent on preventing her son's death. 
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, I never expect me myself will score this movie a 9 when this movie starts... as it getting more interesting, the twist and turn of the bermuda triangle really freaks me out a bit. Poor girl has to run and change her fate each time on what happening though she already knew what it was coming again...

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