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Four Rooms

 Released Year: 1995
Directed by Allison Anders & Alexandre Rockwell
& Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino

Casted by:
Tim Roth as Ted the Bellhop

"The Missing Ingredient"
Valeria Golino as Athena
Madonna as Elspeth
Alicia Witt as Kiva
Sammi Davis as Jezebel
Lili Taylor as Raven
Ione Skye as Eva
Amanda de Cadenet as Diana

"The Wrong Man"
David Proval as Siegfried
Jennifer Beals as Angela
Lawrence Bender as Long Hair Yuppie Scum
Paul Skemp as Real Theodore
Quinn Thomas Hellerman as Baby Bellhop

"The Misbehavers"
Antonio Banderas as Man
Tamlyn Tomita as Wife
Lana McKissack as Sarah
Danny Verduzco as Juancho
Patricia Vonne as Corpse
Salma Hayek as TV dancing girl

Betty's house
Kathy Griffin as Betty
Marisa Tomei as Margaret
Julie McClean as Left Redhead
Laura Rush as Right Redhead

"The Man from Hollywood"
Quentin Tarantino as Chester Rush
Jennifer Beals as Angela
Paul Calderón as Norman
Bruce Willis as Leo
Kimberly Blair as Hooker
The film is set on New Year's Eve, and starts with Sam, the previous bellhop of the Hotel Mon Signor, briefing his replacement, Ted, about the job.

Honeymoon Suite - "The Missing Ingredient"
Written and directed by Allison Anders
Ted assists a number of unusual women with their luggage, which he takes up to the Honeymoon Suite. He learns they are a coven of witches, attempting to create a potion to reverse a spell cast on their goddess, Diana 40 years ago. In order to create the potion, each witch must place an ingredient into a large cauldron in a ritual. However, one of the witches has still to retrieve her ingredient - semen - which she is told she must retrieve in one hour. The witch manages to seduce an initially reluctant Ted and has sex with him in the cauldron. After he leaves, the witches complete the ritual and Diana is seen emerging from the cauldron.

Ted's phone call with the party guest
At the end of the segment, a guest from a hotel room party calls Ted at the front desk to get some ice. He is unsure about which floor the room is on, but eventually directs Ted to room 404.

Room 404 - "The Wrong Man"
Written and directed by Alexandre Rockwell
Upon arriving at room 404, Ted finds himself in the middle of a fantasy hostage situation between a husband and wife. Siegfried, the husband, maniacally accuses Ted (whom he calls Theodore) of having slept with his wife, Angela. At gunpoint, Ted is made to participate in the scenario, with uncertainty about what is real and what is part of the fantasy. At one point, Ted is stuck in the bathroom window and the party guest from the beginning of the episode appears in the window above, uttering the word "ice" and vomiting. Eventually, Ted escapes just as a different party guest appears, looking for room 404 and is greeted by Siegfried in the same manner as Ted was at the beginning of the episode.

Ambiguity of room number
It is not fully clear if these events take place in room 404 or in room 409. The party guests' room is on the above floor, which suggests Siegfried's room is indeed room 404. Adding to this uncertainty, the room door reads "40-", with a faint outline of what appears to be a missing "4" or "9". However, Siegfried answers the phone at one point, which is later revealed to be a call connecting to room 409.

Room 309 - "The Misbehavers"
Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez
A husband and wife go out to a New Year's Eve party and leave their two children, Juancho and Sarah, in the hotel. Ted is paid $500 to keep an eye on the children by the stern father, who orders them not to misbehave. As Ted is responsible for the entire hotel he cannot actually stay in the room with the children, but instead instructs them to stay in the room and watch television. After Ted leaves, the children soon begin to squabble and proceed to both explore and vandalize the room, and manage to explode a bottle of champagne in the process. They call Ted for toothbrushes, at which point he arrives and attempts unsuccessfully to put them to bed by putting ointment on their eyelids. After they wash their eyelids and summon him back to the room once more, Ted arrives at a scene of mass chaos: One painting in the bedroom has a target scribbled on it in lipstick-That Juancho and Sarah use to play darts with the syringe., Juancho has a cigarette in his mouth, Sarah has the bottle of champagne in her hand, the television is set to an adult channel, and the children have found the corpse of a dead prostitute stuffed under the mattress. While Ted tries to quell the chaos in the room, Sarah stabs him in the leg with a syringe when he repeatedly uses the word "whore" and Juancho accidentally sets the bedroom on fire with his cigarette. At this point, the children's father arrives, carrying his passed-out wife, and, looking around the room, asks Ted, "Did they misbehave?"

Ted's phone call with Betty
After the events of room 309, an unsettled Ted calls his boss, Betty, to quit for the night, as his shift has ended. After a prolonged conversation with Margaret, Ted gets Betty on the phone and quits, but a call from the Penthouse comes in. Betty reasons with Ted and convinces him to tend to their needs, due to the importance of continued Hollywood business to the hotel.

Penthouse - "The Man from Hollywood"
Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino
The penthouse is currently being occupied by the famous director Chester Rush and a group of his friends, which includes Angela from The Wrong Man. The party requests a block of wood, a doughnut, a ball of twine, three nails, a club sandwich, a bucket of ice, and an extremely sharp hatchet (Rush specifically requests a hatchet "as sharp as the Devil himself"). After getting acquainted with Chester and his friends, Ted is asked to take part in a challenge: Chester's friend Norman has bet he can light his Zippo cigarette lighter ten times in a row. If he succeeds, Norman will win Chester's car, but if he fails, Norman's pinky will be cut off. Ted is asked to "wield the hatchet" and cut off Norman's pinky, should he fail. Ted initially tries to leave, but Chester persuades him to stay by offering $100 up front and another $1,000 if he performs his assigned role. Norman's lighter fails on the first try, and Ted chops off the finger, sweeps up all the money, and leaves the penthouse. While the credits are rolling, Chester and company are seen frantically getting ready to take a screaming, agonizing Norman to a hospital.
  L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
 I found it quite weird to watch in the beginning of this movie, but as it goes by... it attracts me and yeah~ i totally love this movie. Not only there are tons of superstars in this movie but the humor parts really gets me and i just couldn't take my eyes away from it :)


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