Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ninth Happiness 九星報喜

 Released Year: 1998
Directed by 高志森 Clifton Koh

Casted by:
张国荣 Leslie Cheung as 马麟祥 Xiang
吴倩莲 Jacklyn Wu as 紫云 Yun
钟镇涛 Kenny B as 阿Dup
黎姿 Gigi Lai as 阿香 Heong
黄百鸣 Raymond Wong as 马麟大 Dai
李蕙敏 Amanda Lee as 姣姣 Gao
周文健 Michael Chow as 马麟举 Gui
陈洁灵 Elisa Chan as 相国夫人 Madam
张达明 Cheung Tat Ming as 李老板 Lee
In a peaceful village lead by Madam, the villagers are honest and sincere. But when come the new government Dai, he plans to destroy the peaceful of the village just to get more money for himself. Together with his brother Gui, they both created a lot of disaster and even challenge Madam on this.

Madam's niece, Yun met another brother of Dai, Xiang. She mistaken him as an angel and fall deeply in love with him. In the same time, lovely couple Dup and Heong are down to earth while Gao try her best to find her dream man which in the end turn out to be Dai.

Even though Dai & Gui manage to destroy the peaceful of the village, but quickly they realize they are wrong and together with Xiang, they manage the village well and with happiness.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
One of the Chinese New Year movie in 1998, i have watched it a few times before, but decided to rewatch it again as i kinda miss Jacklyn Wu lately. She has left the acting industry and own her own company now. This should be the only movie she acted with Leslie Cheung, kinda funny. Overall its still ok, but not gonna watch it again so fast... maybe few years later~


  1. Hello! Wonderful blog, thank you! Leslie and Jacklyn starring also in "Phantom Lover" (1995). Beautiful movie, in my opinion :-)

  2. u love both of them too? good~