Saturday, June 14, 2014

Monga 艋舺

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by 鈕承澤 Doze Niu

Casted by:
阮經天 Ethan Juan as 何天佑(和尚)Monk
鳳小岳 Rhydian Vaughan as 李志龍 Dragon
趙又廷 Mark Chao as 周以文(蚊子)Mosquito
蔡昌憲 Tsai Chang Hsien as 侯春生(白猴)Monkey
黃鐙輝 Huang Teng Hui as 黃萬伯 Po
Monga (now known as Wanhua District) is one of Taipei's districts. Mosquito and his friends have no illusions about the unwritten laws that prevail in this part of town: if you want to survive here, you’ve got to be stronger than your enemies.

Mosquito, Monk, Dragon, Monkey and A-po are all members of the "Gang of Princes". Mosquito is invited to join the gang after his chicken drumstick was stolen by a rival gang member on his first day at school in Monga. Mosquito and his friends soon begin to enjoy their gangster lifestyle and are planning to take over as top gangsters on the streets of Monga. But little do they know that there are others who are deeply jealous of their success.

Geta, one of Monga’s old triad leaders, sees it as his duty to teach these cheeky young upstarts the true laws of gangsterdom. And so Geta tells the youngsters about the legacy handed down by the city’s founders and the strict laws of a brotherhood which should always fight not just for territorial reasons but also to protect their honour.

But even Geta has no inkling of the storm that is about to hit Monga – a storm that will destroy the town’s traditional values and the vestiges of its glory. A new gang, bristling with an arsenal of handguns, is about to change forever the little world in which Geta and the "Gang of Princes" have made themselves at home.
L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
A very nice Taiwan movie and it is the representative movie for Ethan Juan to won his first ever best actor award. The whole movie is nice, though a lot of time its speaking in Taiwanese language and i have kinda hard time to understand and i have to turn on the subtitle instead lol~ Love the friendship that has been bond between the 5 guys and the sadness that turn them into enemy. Not a bad movie, recommend all of ya to watch~

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