Monday, October 28, 2013

My Neighbours Are Phantoms 嘩鬼住正隔籬

 Released Year: 1990
Directed by 劉仕裕 Liu Shi Yu
Casted by:
陳百祥 Natalis Chan as 陳百龍 Loong
張敏 Sharla Cheung as 小倩 Qian
邱淑貞 Chingmy Yau as 三妹 SanMui
梅小惠 Mui Xiu Wai as 二妹 YiMui
葉子楣 Amy Yip as 曾碧波 Biggie
Sex maniac Richard was seduced by 4 phantoms and trapped into a black & white photos while releasing them into the reality world. Loong & his 2 sisters are the neighbours and trying to vanished the phantoms. But Loong was obssessed by Qian; YiMui & SanMui has to call Loong's police colleague & Biggie (Loong's girlfriend) for help.
In the fight with the phantoms, YiMui was captured and Loong went into the black & white world to save her back. Inside there, Qian helps Loong and they managed to destroy loulou spirit. Finally the phantoms are all gone and they burry Qian in a suitable place.
L² Scored: 7/10
L² Comment:
Hong Kong's 1990s' movie are always fun to watch, the storyline of course is expected but the funny part is damn good. Aww, i kinda miss Miu Siu Wai's horse laugh~ Sharla looks so pretty back then and Chingmy is so innocent :)

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