Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100 Ways To Murder Your Wife 殺妻2人組

 Released Year: 1986
Directed by 鍾鎮濤 Kenny Bee
Casted by:
鍾鎮濤 Kenny Bee as 萝卜头 Roberto
周潤發 Chow Yun Fatt as 大脚发 Fatt
王祖賢 Joey Wang as 王小贤 Xian
梅艷芳 Anita Mui as Anita
Roberto is the star of Hong Kong football team while Fatt represent the Malaysia's team. Roberto has a fierce wife Anita who is a fashion designer but she always control Roberto like a kid without any freedom. Fatt in another hand married with Ms Malaysia Xian who is so attractive that Fatt is worry everyday that Xian will sleep with any of his team mate.
Fatt thought Xian is going to poison him; in a gathering of 2 footballs team, Fatt was drunk together with Roberto who is just humiliated by Anita. Both of them come to an agreement of killing each other wife. Fatt went to find Anita and thought he killed her, but actually he fainted and Anita storm away from the house. After that Fatt keeps pushing Roberto to kill Xian, but he was suspicious that Roberto falls for Xian instead of wanting to kill her.
When the truth reveals, Anita and Xian both gets disapointed and left their husband. Roberto and Fatt chased along and managed to win back their wifes when they are trap in the hot baloon.
L² Scored: 4.5/10
L² Comment
Well, it was funny when i watched it back 20 years ago, but now it seems a bit stupid. The storyline is simple and there are no connection between the 4 of them, just feel like they appeared is for the movie, that's all~

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