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Sara 雛妓

Released Year: 2015
Directed by 邱礼涛 Herman Yau

Casted by:
蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi as 何玉玲 Sara
任達華 Simon Yam as 甘浩賢 Yin
柳俊江 Ryan Lau as Raymond
Sunadcha Tadrabiab as Dok-My
孫佳君 Pauline Sun as 湯媚 May
何華超 Tony Ho as 郭華 Wah
Sara was sexually abused by her stepfather, Wah during her teenager time and her mother, May kept silence and did not rescue her. Sara runs away from home, earns her own keep and spends her nights in various location with other young girls, including country parks and fast-food joints that stay open 24 hours. While hanging around the Tsim Sha Tsui East promenade late one evening, she meets the gentlemanly, middle-aged Yin. Sara offered Yin a blowjob in terms that Yin has to get her into a good school and a new life she wanted to have.

Both Sara & Yin started this complicated relationship which was well hidden in the society as Yin is a politician and he is married as well. They were together for many years and the relationship has transformed into some sort of love which Yin started to jealous of Sara communicating with other younger guy in her university; Sara not happy that Yin only visit her just for sex... Sara beg Yin to attend her graduation day, while arriving at the university, Yin saw Sara talking to the younger guy and angrily left without Sara noticing, But actually during that time Sara was rejecting the guy and saying that she has a boyfriend whom she love very much. Sara is not happy that Yin did not attend and confronted with him and argument happens...

Sara started her working adult life as a reporter. Year later, she was attached with Raymond but found out he betrayed her on work. Angrily, Sara flew to Chiangmai by herself and met Dok-My who is a prostitute. Sara pity Dok-My and paid her some money for telling her story so that Sara can write an article on it. Sara was surprised when Yin came to look for her but ends up telling her that he is on the final stage of cancer and ask her not to attend his funeral because others might discover their relationship and hurt her instead. Feeling sad on the news but happy to know that Yin still loves her and care about her, she attends Yin's funeral in the end.

Dok-My went to look for Sara in her hotel and realize she has cut her wrist and soaked inside the bath tub. Dok-My safe Sara by getting her to hospital and both girls bond closer to each other. Sara tried to buy Dok-My from the gangster but ends up running from getting kill.  Raymond came all the way from Hong Kong to get Sara back, Sara bid goodbye to Dok-My and received a kiss from Dok-My. Sara proposed her points to the magazine director in writing an article of prostitution and get full support on it. Wah came looking for Sara and tell her that May will be passed away soon. Sara went hospital to look for May; May apologize for not being a good mother and did not protect her during the rape. Sara forgive her and May finally close her eyes forever...

Sara went back to Chiangmai to look for Dok-My but she was no where to be found. Missing Dok-My, Sara went to Dok-My's hometown in Maesai and realized there's a lot of young girls who will be facing the same destiny like her and Dok-My...
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment
A good movie and first time ever, Charlene shows that she can act. Frankly speaking, I ain't saint, main motive of watching this movie in the first place is for the sex scenes of Charlene & Simon, coz i heard that its damn hot. Well, the sex scenes are ok, but just that it might be Charlene's first time, but it is nothing too spicy about; but the storyline is great as the story was written by 李敏 Erica Li, a famous HK novelist. This movie also won both Charlene & Simon as the best actress/actor in Macau International Movie Festival.

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