Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

 Released Year: 2016
Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

Casted by:
Milla Jovovich as Alice
Ali Larter as Claire Redfield
Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker
Ruby Rose as Abigail
Eoin Macken as Doc
William Levy as Christian
Iain Glen as Dr. Alexander Isaacs
李準基 Lee Joon-gi as Lee
Rola as Cobalt
Ever Gabo Anderson as Alicia Marks / Red Queen
Fraser James as Michael / Razo
Picking up three weeks after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice awakens in the now-ruined White House, after being betrayed once again by Albert Wesker. While searching for survivors, the Red Queen appears and tells Alice that she must return to the Hive in Raccoon City within 48 hours, where the Umbrella Corporation has developed an airborne antivirus, which will kill every organism infected by the T-virus, before the remainder of humankind is wiped out. When asked why she's betraying her creators, the Red Queen simply says that she will tell Alice once she arrives at The Hive. During flashbacks, it is revealed that Dr. James Marcus, the original founder of the Umbrella Corporation, had a daughter who was dying of premature aging. Marcus, desperate to save her, developed the T-virus as a way to cure all diseases on Earth. After having had his creation taken away from him, Marcus' business partner Dr. Alexander Isaacs tried to convince Marcus to use the T-virus for military purposes. When he refused, Isaacs ordered Wesker to kill Marcus.

On her way to Raccoon City, Alice is captured by Isaacs, long thought to be dead. Isaacs tells her that the one she killed was a clone, and decides to toss her to a horde of zombies trailing his armored vehicle, but Alice escapes via a motorcycle carried within it. Alice later arrives in the now-destroyed Raccoon City and is captured by a group of survivors, consisting of Doc, Abigail, Christian, Cobalt, Razor, and Claire Redfield, who is revealed to be alive after the attack on Arcadia. After learning that a group of armored vehicles and a horde of zombies is coming their way, the group prepares to make their last stand. With the help of Abigail, they manage to defeat the enemy forces, although Cobalt is killed in the process. The group later realizes that a second horde is coming in their direction.

With no defenses left, Alice and the crew decide to get to the Hive entrance, located at the bottom of the atomic bomb crater which destroyed the city. However, Wesker, having taken control of the Hive, releases mutated guard dogs, killing Christian. Upon arriving at the Hive, the Red Queen appears again and explains the reason of her betrayal. It is revealed that someone uploaded a video recording of the Umbrella executives, including Isaacs, formulating a plan to release the T-virus on purpose in order to cleanse the world, save the rich and powerful with cryogenic capsules hidden in the Hive, and later rebuild the world in their image. The Red Queen, although programmed to never hurt an Umbrella employee, was also programmed to value human life, which is why she enlists Alice's help in order to stop Isaacs. The Red Queen also warns Alice about one of the group being a spy for Umbrella.

Upon entering the Hive's air chamber, Wesker activates the power, causing the fan to spin and kill Abigail. In the ventilation ducts, Alice and Razor fall into a trap, pitting them against a BOW. Razor is devoured by the BOW, but Alice kills it. Meanwhile, Claire falls into a glass confinement cell but manages to escape. Alice reunites with Doc, plants bombs in the Hive's core, and comes face to face with the real Dr. Isaacs, only for her and Claire to be captured by Wesker and Doc, who is Umbrella's spy. A cyrogenic capsule opens, containing Alicia Marcus, co-leader of the Umbrella Corporation and daughter of Dr. Marcus. It is revealed that Alice is a clone of Alicia, which explains her lack of memories before she awoke in The Hive. Isaacs also reveals his plans to eliminate Alicia and take over as the sole leader of the Umbrella Corporation. However, as Alicia is still in control, she "fires" Wesker, causing the Red Queen to recognize him as a civilian and crush his legs with a security door. Doc tries to shoot Alice, but his gun is empty - as Alice had deduced his treachery earlier - and he is shot dead by Claire.

Encouraged by Alicia's words, Alice and Claire fight Isaacs, who is genetically enhanced. Alice detonates a grenade in Isaacs' pocket, causing it to severely injure him. Alice retrieves the antivirus and heads outside. As she tries to release the antivirus, Isaacs, still alive, stops her, but the Isaacs who met Alice en route to Raccoon City - yet another one of his clones - arrives and kills him before being devoured by the zombies. With a few seconds to spare, Alice releases the antivirus, killing all the zombies and presumably herself. The bombs planted within the Hive explode, killing Alicia, Wesker, and everyone within it.

Claire later wakes Alice, revealed to be alive. The Red Queen explains that the antivirus merely killed the T-virus within Alice's body, ensuring her survival, and gives Alice an upload of all Alicia's memories of childhood, granting her a fully human existence. Alice drives off on an Umbrella motorcycle, stating that the antivirus could take several years to reach all corners of the globe and until then, her mission isn't over, as several BOWs pursue her.
 L² Scored: 10/10 

L² Comment
Though we only able to watch this movie at the big screen near the end of January 2017, this movie has actually being released in Japan on 26th Dec 2016, so I have to indicate the released year as 2016 in my blog here. Same as "Underworld", this series of movie has come to an end for total of 6 installment since 2002, 1 extra movie comparing to Underworld.

Of course Resident Evil is a much more better movie comparing the both, having the game released all these while with the movie has easily boost up the ticket selling worldwide.This finale movie explained the root of the T-Virus and Ali Larter was back as well :) I'm a bit relieved when I didn't see the bitchy Michelle Rodriguez but a bit disappointed of Lee Bing Bing not appearing instead. The producer still consider about the Asian's market and plot in the Korean celebrity Lee Joon Gi in it this time. The whole movie has begin with a good start and brought several peak moment in it, finally ends well. Good Work Milla Jovovich, hope that we will able to see more of her great work coming but not only the Resident Evil series :)

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