Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saving Santa

 Released Year: 2013
Directed by Leon Joosen & Aaron Seelman

Voiced by:
Martin Freeman as Bernard D. Elf
Tim Curry as Nevil Baddington
Noel Clarke as Snowy
Tim Conway as Santa
Pam Ferris as Mrs. Clause
Ashley Tisdale as Shiny
Joan Collins as Vera Baddington
A lowly stable elf, Bernard, finds that he is the only one who can stop an invasion of the North Pole by using the secret of Santa's Sleigh, a TimeGlobe, to travel back in time to Save Santa. During the time back, he saw another himself sneaking into the plce and lots more thing happened....
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
This is a computer animated comedy cartoon which is very suitable for children and family. Of course for me is kinda dull and the story is a bit twist and turn, but yeah, u can guest it straight ahead the story behind it. The graphic not bad, and it does make me feel sleepy as well.... 

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