Monday, November 14, 2016

Sex and Zen III 玉蒲团之官人我要

 Released Year: 1998
Directed by 張敏 Aman Chang

Casted by:
鍾真 Jane Chung as 苏三 Susan
冬怡 Tung Yi as 粉玲 Fanny
徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as 雷大爷 Sir Lui
邵傳勇 Timothy Zao as 朱志昂 Chu Chi Ang
植敬雯 Lowell Chik as 高大娘 Tall Kau
楊嘉玲 Karen Yeung as 青云 Chinyun
Three maidens of poor background during the time of Song dynasty are sold by their families to the brothel Fragrance House run by madame Tall Kau. Susan and Chinyun  become closer during their training, while the third girl, ambitious Fanny keeps her distance. Eventually, the virginity of Susan is auctioned and bought by the horse tradesman Lui Tin from Lin'an but Lui gives Susan to Chu Chi-Ang, a young and inexperienced scholar he has befriended at the brothel and takes Fanny instead. Susan and Chi-Ang fall in love and Fanny, although she is taken as a concubine by Lui, knowing that Susan was Lui's first choice, grows increasingly jealous of her. After Chi-Ang runs out of his fortunes and is forced to leave the brothel, Lui buys Susan from Tall Kau and brings her home as a new concubine. Now, Fanny is convinced that Lui has an unmatched affection for Susan and plots for revenge.
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Among the Sex & Zen movie series, this might be the underdog among the rest. This might be the reason why Sex & Zen has ended in this during the 90's when the erotic film was on the hit in HK. Even though Jane Chung has quite a big boob, but comparing the fame to Amy Yip (Sex & Zen 1) and both Loletta Lee & Shu Qi (Sex & Zen 2), Jane Chung was never even listed in the famous category. Instead Elvis Tsui & Timothy Zao are much more famous than the girls in this movie... Oh and by the way, please don't mistake that the director 张敏 Aman Chang is the actress 张敏 Sharla...

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