Monday, September 26, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 (Ghostbusters: Answer the Call)

 Released Year: 2016
Directed by Paul Feig

Casted by:
Melissa McCarthy as Dr. Abigail "Abby" Yates
Kristen Wiig as Dr. Erin Gilbert
Kate McKinnon as Dr. Jillian Holtzmann
Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan
Chris Hemsworth as Kevin Beckman
Andy García as Mayor Bradley
Bill Murray as Martin Heiss
Dan Aykroyd as Taxi Driver
Ernie Hudson as Bill Jenkins
Sigourney Weaver as Rebecca Gorin
Physicists Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert are co-authors of a book which posits the existence of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts. Gilbert has disowned the work and become a professor at Columbia University, while Yates continues to study the paranormal at a technical college with eccentric engineer Jillian Holtzmann. Gilbert learns Yates has republished the book, threatening her bid for tenure at Columbia. She reunites with Yates and, in exchange for Yates removing the book from publication, reluctantly agrees to assist her and Holtzmann in a paranormal investigation.

The group witness a malevolent ghost, renewing Gilbert's belief in the paranormal. However, a video of their investigation is posted online, and Gilbert is denied tenure. She joins Yates and Holtzmann's project, but when a new institute director learns its nature, he fires them. They open an office above a Chinese restaurant and call themselves the "Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination." They build equipment to study and capture ghosts, and hire dimwitted but handsome Kevin Beckman as a receptionist.

MTA worker Patty Tolan witnesses a ghost in a subway line and contacts the group. They document the ghost and successfully test Holtzmann's proton containment laser, but their findings are again dismissed. They continue to develop their technology and advertise their services as what pundits have dubbed the "Ghostbusters". Tolan joins the team, providing historical knowledge of New York City and a repurposed hearse, "Ecto-1".

Unbeknownst to them, the ghosts are being summoned by devices built by Rowan North, an occultist and mad scientist attempting to bring about the apocalypse. When Rowan plants another device at a live music venue, the Ghostbusters are called in and capture the ghost in front of the audience. When supernatural debunker Dr. Martin Heiss challenges the Ghostbusters, the incensed Gilbert releases the ghost as proof; it throws Heiss out a window before escaping. The Ghostbusters are brought to see Mayor Bradley, who reveals that the city and the Department of Homeland Security are aware of New York's ghost problem. While privately supporting the team's work, the mayor's office and DHS publicly denounce them as fraudsters.

The Ghostbusters realize Rowan is planting his devices along ley lines which intersect at the Mercado Hotel in Times Square, a site with a history of paranormal activity, and discover Rowan building a portal to the ghost dimension in the hotel basement. Rowan deliberately electrocutes himself and Holtzmann deactivates the portal. Gilbert discovers a copy of her and Yates's book among Rowan's possessions, and realizes that he planned to become a ghost and command a spirit army. Rowan returns as a powerful ghost, possessing Yates and then Kevin. As Kevin, he opens the portal and releases hundreds of ghosts. The police and DHS are quickly subdued, but the Ghostbusters fight through the army of ghosts to reach the portal.

Rowan takes the form of the ghost in the Ghostbusters' logo, grows to enormous height, and attacks the city. The team devise a plan to use Ecto-1's nuclear reactor to close the portal and return the ghosts to their own dimension. The plan succeeds, but Rowan drags Yates into the portal with him; Gilbert leaps into the portal and rescues her. The mayor's office agrees to secretly fund the Ghostbusters' research while continuing to publicly denounce them as frauds. With new funding, the Ghostbusters move to a better facility, a disused fire house. Despite the mayoral smear campaign, New York lights up with thanks and tributes to the Ghostbusters. Tolan listens to a recording of a ghost encounter and asks the others if they have heard of Zuul. 
L² Scored: 5.5/10 

L² Comment
Hmm, i'm not sure how to say about this, but i feel that the trailer of this movie is probably better than the actual movie. Or maybe because that i'm a big fans of the cartoon version and i'm putting too much hope into this movie, but i remember the previous 1984 & 1989 version are nice to watch as well, but this 2016 version is kinda a bit boring on the story wise...

Its a good idea to change the 4 main ghostbusters from guy to girl and the blondie secretary is replaced by the macho Chris Hemsworth, but the draginess of this movie is simply making this movie walks toward a dead zone for me. Why not make more different kind of ghost appear and how they try to catch them instead? I'm quite happy to know that a lot of the previous version actors & actresses are back in this movie for cameo purposes :) But will there be another sequal after this? Seriously not sure but finger cross and hopefully they got another chance to prove us wrong again...

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