Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Helios 赤道

 Released Year: 2015
Directed by 陸劍青 Sunny Luk & 梁樂民 Longman Leung

Casted by:
張學友 Jacky Cheung as 肇志仁 / 赤盜 Professor Siu Chi-yan
張家輝 Nick Cheung as 李彦明 Eric Lee Yan-ming
池珍熙 Ji Jin-hee as 崔民浩 Choi Min-ho
崔始源 Choi Siwon as 朴宇哲 Park Woo-cheol
王學圻 Wang Xueqi as 宋鞍 Song An
張震 Chang Chen as 金燾年 Gam Dao-nin
文詠珊 Janice Man as 張怡君 Zhang Yiyun
余文樂 Shawn Yue as 范家明 Fan Ka-ming
顧美華 Josephine Koo as Sophia
South Korea's top most wanted criminal, nicknamed "Helios", and his assistant, nicknamed "Messenger", have successfully stolen a mass destruction weapon secretly developed by the South Korean military, the portable nuclear explosive device DC8 along with sixteen raw material spheres. The police forces of Hong Kong, China and South Korea were informed that "Helios" will hold an underground trading in Hong Kong.

An emergency response team was set up in Hong Kong. Its members, chief inspector Eric Lee Yan-ming of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit, senior Chinese official Song An, and two South Korean weapon experts Choi Min-ho and Park Woo-cheol, work together to trace the whereabouts of the weapon. Lee also specially invites Physics professor Siu Chi-yan of the University of Hong Kong to serve as a special adviser for the operation.

Hong Kong, China and South Korea face the same objective, but with different purposes. Choi wants to hunt down "Helios" to take back the weapon to make sure not to divulge secrets of South Korea. In the position of the Chinese government, Song wants to resolve the current crisis in Hong Kong and halt any terrorism activities in Chinese territories. Lee and Siu face pressure from the two countries and have to deal with the greatest challenge since the establishment of Counter Terrorism Response Unit, with the situation getting more tense.

As times passes by each second, with "Messenger" arrested and DC8 falls into the hands of the Hong Kong Police Force, China and Korea fight for the right to possess the weapon. On the other hand, "Helios" appears in Macau, with plans to retaliate and repossess the weapon. During the last stand, conspiracies are gradually revealed, with everyone caught off guard.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Its been quite sometime since I have watch a good HK's crime movie, a bit too bad coz I missed out this movie in the cinema last year. Few surprises in this movie such as Jacky Cheung first try on such character; actors from China + HK + Korea + Taiwan can be found in the same movie; Janice Man got the potential to be fighting actress; the most most surprise is to see Josephine Koo after so many years...

Storyline of this movie started a bit exciting & fast, just when you thought you can relax a bit in the middle of the movie, the story twisted & brought another peak part of this movie till the end. The only problem is that i need to read the chinese subtitle when the Korean actors & actresses communicate...

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