Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 單身男女2

Released Year: 2014
Directed by 杜琪峰 Johnnie To

Casted by:
 古天樂 Louis Koo as 張申然 Sean
杨千嬅 Miriam Yeung as 杨鸯鸯 Yang
高圓圓 Gao Yuan Yuan as 程子欣 Chi Yan
周渝民 Vic Chou as 程子建 Ken
吴彦祖 Daniel Wu as 方启宏 Kevin
林雪 Lam Suet as John
Continue from the first movie, Chi Yan has chose Kevin instead of Sean and will be getting marry soon. While Sean in another hand trying to avoid  Chi Yan appears in his life again by getting more slutty & even attached with Yang, an iron lady who is expert in shares investment.

Things just happen so coincidentally that Chi Yan work as an economic adviser in Yang's office which happened to located opposite of Sean's office building. Chi Yan's brother, Ken has his feeling on Yang one day who needs help on moving her car out from a terrible parking conditions. Both of them quickly get close with each other due to one octopus but Yang is still having most of her feeling for Sean.

After knowing that Sean's ex girlfriend is Chi Yan & Sean is still unable to let go of Chi Yan (Sean has been renting Chi Yan's old apartment & stay overnight there daily to feel the appearance of Chi Yan in his life), Yang get angry because Sean has proposed to her but still can't let go of Chi Yan. At the same time, Yang even mistaken Ken is Kevin and angrily push Ken into the sea. Yang scolded Sean; Sean released his stress & depression by beating up Kevin at his house. But thing sorted out when Chi Yan told Yang that Ken is actually her brother instead.

On the wedding day of Chi Yan & Kevin (at the top floor of a high building), Sean crazily hike his way all up to that building just to attracts Chi Yan's attention by not marrying to Kevin. This crazy behavior cause everyone to go insane & Yang even sprained her ankle on it. In the end, both Kevin & Ken climb up to the top and managed to pull Sean back to the building. Chi Yan cried & hit Sean for his behavior. In front of everyone, Yang asked Chi Yan to choose one guy but Chi Yan chose non of them. Yang stopped Chi Yan from leaving and her turn to hit on Sean. Yang forced Sean to choose between her and Chi Yan & Sean chose Chi Yan by saying sorry to Yang. Disappointingly, Yang decided to walk away but Ken rush out to propose but was rejected by Yang. Ken is not giving up, he rush behind Yang (after picking her heels from the pool), and told Yang no matter how, he will not let go of her... The elevator's door close with Yang sort of accept Ken by letting him help her to wear back her heels.

Before Yang left just now, she told Chi Yan to be brave and chose the man that she really wants. Chi Yan walked up to Kevin and saying that she is sorry and run away by pulling Sean along...
 L² Scored: 9/10 

L² Comment
Wow, I never know that the sequel is so much better than the first movie. The whole storyline is richer & exciting when another 2 characters (Yang & Ken) was added in; but in the same time the character of Kevin has become a supporting role instead of the lead role like the first movie. 

Throughout the movie, not only I can feel the sadness, disappointment, jealousy that presented by these actors & actresses... I feel that Louis Koo finally improve his acting skills after so many years acting in the same kind of characters in so many movies. Bravo to him.

Not sure whether in future the production house will be doing the same kind of story about single man & lady or not... but definitely the characters will be change, just hope that they will maintain some of these actors & actresses in the new movie again... 

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