Friday, January 1, 2016

Beauty and the Beast 2012 (Die Schöne und das Biest)

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert

Casted by
Cornelia Gröschel as Elsa, The Beauty
Max Simonischek as The Beast, Prince Arbo
Jürgen Tarrach as Hugo, Elsa's Father
Carolin Walter as Irmel
Karsten Kramer as Wenzel
Host Hugo struggling with financial worries and can no longer pay the rent, as well as its customers are already delinquent. His whole consolation is his beautiful daughter Elsa, who is being courted by Knights Bertold. As Hugo to raise money finds shelter in a mysterious castle while attempting to put the jewelry to his widow, the fate takes its course. Improvidence, he plucks the morning in the castle garden, a rose for Elsa. 

Suddenly there is a monster, half man, half animal, in front of him and calls his life as atonement. Hugo rescues his head, the Beast must deliver but the first living creature he encounters at home. Hugo thinks that this will probably be his dog, but it is the beloved daughter, and she now has to pay the debt of the father. The Beast captures the beauty and wants to force them into marriage. But Elsa opposes. She has only one goal: to escape from the magic castle. 

The two bumbling servant Wenzel and Irmel they can not be persuaded to give their love to the castle lord. This realizes that the girl he can not win by force, and he promises: If he does not succeed within a time limit, to win her heart, Elsa is free and allowed to go. The beast strives honestly to Elsa and tries to win them over and continue to woo. But only wants as Elsa nevertheless flee in the night and she is rescued from the Beast risked his life in front of a falling tree, are feelings for the beast awakened at Elsa. 

Shortly before the beast finally the curse that has befallen it, perishes, Elsa revealed to him the love and kisses it. Immediately, the Beast is transformed back into the handsome prince. After a fierce dispute with Ritter Bertolt Elsa and the Prince come together finally.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Its always not easy to watch a foreign language film for me as I need to keep my eyes on the subtitles while still enjoying the film :) Nothing magical thingy and sceneries of this movie but it bring out the romantic side between the beauty and the beast. The storyline of course is roughly the same as per Disney, sorry to all French, know that you guys must be loving this fairy tales of your country, but I did not read the original fiction, so dare not comment much on this German's film as well. But overall, its nice and I love it :)

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