Monday, December 7, 2015

Paranormal Whacktivity

Released Year: 2013
Directed by Roger Roth

Casted by:
 William Patrick Riley as Michael
Sasha Formoso as Kasey
Damatri Crayto as Demonbuster
Chris Pentzell as Psychic
Mighty Mike Murga as David / Demon / Baby
A sexy and hilarious spoof about a couple (Michael & Kasey) who have just moved into a new home to consummate their relationship, but find peril around every corner due to an evil presence that haunts them whenever they attempt to be intimate. Michael wants to make a porn film with Kasey and even invited a crew to shoot their sexual activities randomly. But they found weird paranormal things occur in their own recording machine and they invited a psychic and demonbuster to solve the problem. But finally they manage to get rid of the demon after the demon find a hotter girl that Kasey...
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
Its been a long time I didn't watch this kind of genre, but well, beside having some laughs and relax. I don't totally care about the storyline because it totally sucks hehe~ 

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