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Resident Evil

 Released Year: 2002
Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson

Casted by:
Milla Jovovich as Alice
Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo
Eric Mabius as Matt Addison
James Purefoy as Spence Parks
Martin Crewes as Chad Kaplan
Colin Salmon as James "One" Shade
Umbrella Corporation is the most powerful corporate entity in the world, and 9 out of 10 residents use its products. However, most of the real profits come from clandestine projects relating to viral weaponry and genetic experimentation. The main stronghold of the research is The Hive, a secret genetic research facility set underneath Raccoon City, which houses over 500 employees, mostly advanced scientists, researchers and support staff. The Hive is fully automated by a high-tech artificial intelligence called the Red Queen.

One day, a thief steals the genetically engineered T-virus from the storage labs. To cover up the theft, he throws one of the vials and smashes it, releasing the T-virus airborne. Red Queen detects the vial and the exposure, which can transit airborne. To prevent the release of the T-virus, Red Queen takes control of the security systems and initiates a facility-wide lockdown, and then releases lethal doses of halon, which murders the entire staff inside.

Alice awakens in a deserted mansion with amnesia under the shower. She dresses and inspects the mansion, finding a cryptic message written by an unknown person and a large cache of weaponry in a drawer locked with plexiglass. After briefly stepping outside, a helicopter flies over the mansion, and she is subdued by a police officer, Matt Addison. However, Matt is quickly subdued by a group of commandos who storm the mansion, and they handcuff Matt. The leader, named One, requests a report from Alice, but she is clueless. One decides to take Alice and Matt, along with his commandos, to a secret entrance to The Hive using an underground train. Along the way, they find another amnesiac, Spence, and One explains that they are operatives working for Umbrella, and they are in a sham marriage to protect the Hive's entrance and secrecy of the facility. One also explains the situation and the need to reach the Red Queen.

After a while, they reach the Queen's chambers. One, Alice, Spence, Kaplan, the team's medic and two other commandos go to the chambers, while J.D and Rain keep watch of Matt. One and his commandos enter the hallway leading to the chamber, while Kaplan unlocks the central chamber by hacking the systems. However, he accidentally seals the commandos, and Red Queen activates a laser defense system, which slices most of the commandos and bisects One into pieces. Kaplan deactivates the system and heads inside with Alice, and uses a machine to disable Red Queen, and removes her circuit boards to prevent her from rebooting. However, in the process, he unlocks all the doors and gateways in the Hive, and this releases the zombified staff. During a battle with the zombies, Rain is bitten and J.D perishes in a zombie horde. Alice begins regaining her memories, but Matt and Alice are separated from the group. Matt looks for information about his sister Lisa, while Alice encounters several infected Dobermans and surprises herself when she reflexively defends herself with martial arts.

Matt finds his sister zombified. Alice saves him and Matt explains that he and Lisa were environmental activists wanted by the FBI and Quantico, and that a police officer persona was only a fake alias (commandos assumed that he is a cop despite not having records of him since he lied about being just transferred). Lisa infiltrated Umbrella to smuggle out evidence of illegal experiments but failed to succeed. Alice remembers she was Lisa's contact in the Hive and was intending to bring down Umbrella, but keeps this silent from Matt in fear of his revenge.

The survivors reunite at the Queen's chamber. The commandos explain that they have one hour before the Hive will seal automatically using a device they set at the blast doors, trapping them inside. Alice and Kaplan activate the Red Queen in order to find an exit and rig the Red Queen's circuit breaker so they can shut her down remotely to force her cooperation. As they escape through maintenance tunnels from the chamber, they are ambushed by zombies, including a reanimated JD who bites Rain, having being bitten twice before hand and infecting her further. When JD tries to attack, Rain kills him. They still managed to get to safety, However, Kaplan is bitten and separated from the group.

Alice remembers that an anti-virus is in the storage lab, but when they arrive it is missing. Spence suddenly regains his memory; he remembers having overheard Lisa and Alice's talk about the T-virus theft, and Alice wanted to destroy the corporation. However, Spence himself infiltrated the Hive and stole the T-virus, releasing it to cover his tracks, and he hid the vials on the train, where he passed out from the gas that was released. He reveals that he did it solely for the purpose of selling it on the black market, and he wrote the cryptic message to Alice, assuming this was what she wanted. However, she refuses to cooperate, so he holds her and Matt at gunpoint before locking them inside. However, he is bitten in the process.

Spence arrives on the train, but the Red Queen talks to Alice and reveals she was keeping a Licker, a genetically mutated animal (implied to be a rabbit), for them, and she releases him on Spence, who is devoured by it as they watch it on a monitor. Queen offers to spare Alice and Matt if they kill Rain, whose health is fading and who has been infected too long for the anti-virus to work reliably. As the Licker attempts to reach them, Rain tells Alice to kill her. Alice refuses and smashes the Red Queen's monitor, then a power outage occurs. The lab door opens to reveal Kaplan, who disabled the Red Queen to open the door. They reach the train, where Alice dispatches a zombified Spence and takes the anti-virus.

On the train, they inject Rain and Kaplan with the anti-virus. However, the Licker is hiding on the train, and attacks them, clawing Matt over his arm. The Licker grabs Kaplan and hurls him from the train, killing him instantly. Alice and Matt battle the Licker using the remaining pistol and several lead pipes. Licker attempts to grab Alice using his tongue, but she grabs a pipe and jams it into his tongue, trapping him. Rain turns into a zombie and attacks Matt, but he subdues her and shoots her, killing her. He opens the trapdoor, sending the Licker on the tracks, who bursts on fire due to intense friction, before sealing it, ejecting him from the train.

Alice and Matt, the only survivors, arrive safely back in the mansion just as the blast doors close, resealing the Hive. However, Matt's wound begins mutating. Before Alice can give him the anti-virus the mansion doors burst open and a group of Umbrella scientists and commandos seize them. They subdue Alice and take Matt away, revealing he is to be put into the Nemesis Program, and they intend to re-open the Hive. Alice attempts to fight them off, but is knocked unconscious by the swarm of scientists, led by Dr. William Birkin, who experiments on her personally.

Some time later, Alice awakens at the Raccoon City Hospital strapped to an examination table, with no memory of what happened since her capture. After escaping, she goes outside to find Raccoon City abandoned. A newspaper clipping shows that the T-virus spread to the surface after Umbrella reopened the Hive, creating an army of undead that devastated the city. Alice arms herself with a shotgun from an abandoned police car.
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
Can I say that I finally take the courage to watch the first movie of Resident Evil? lol~ ever since i watched the Resident 3D: Afterlife in 2010, i told myself its time to watch the first movie, but everyone kept telling me this is a fucking horror zombie film which really will scare the shit out of me, so i wait and wait till i forgotten about it... 

Until recently when i do some check back on my blog, i realized i have been ignoring this series of movie, so here i'm... i don't play this game, and this is never the game that i will play coz i can't take it... watching the first movie, i understand how this movie really begins with, and i admit some part really scare the hell of me, but i'm so gonna watch the rest of the movie.... :D

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