Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Gigolo 鴨王

Released Year: 2015
Directed by 區焯文 Au Cheuk-man

Casted by:
何浩文 Dominic Ho as 何巨鋒 Fung
何佩瑜 Jeana Ho as Chloe Choi
袁嘉敏 Candy Yuen as Michelle
唐紫睿 Hazel Tong as Yoyo
Fung is a student who has a huge cock. While his mother hurt herself and unable to work, Fung decided to become a cleaner in his cousin's gigolo shop. But one customer Yoyo seduce him with big cash and Fung finally decided to become a gigolo. But to get the perfect training, he went to look for the previous Gigolo King who taught him how to please woman. 

Fung's regular customer Michelle was frustrated how her husband treat her badly in sexually and seek happiness from Fung, But Fung fall in love with Chloe who happened to be Michelle's step-daughter. Fung decided to become an actor and act in Chloe's new movie but was discovered by Chloe's father that he is a gigolo. During the fight, Michelle killed her husband and wanted to murder Chloe as well, but Fung shot Michelle instead. 

In the end, Chloe in-heritage all her father properties and Fung also become her personal gigolo.
  L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Actually i kinda like the storyline, but towards the end, it is too over and and i don't like the ending of the movie, Dominic Ho is super hot and cute and hopefully he can show us more of him next time instead of just his butt~


  1. Male full-frontal in HK movies not common right?

  2. William, rarely.. the most an actor will show his ass only~

  3. I heard that the latest Scud's movie got gay oralsex scene in it