Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Love Hong Kong 2013 - 2013我愛HK恭囍發財

 Released Year: 2013
Directed by 鍾澍佳 Zhong Shu Kai

Casted by:
黃宗澤 Bosco Wong as 宋池雄 Xiong
徐子珊 Kate Tsui as 美洋洋 Yang
譚詠麟 Alan Tam as 宋池雄 Xiong
葉玉卿 Veronica Yip as 美洋洋 Yang
謝天華 Michael Tse as 夏石森San
陳百祥 Natalis Chan as 夏石森 San
馮淬帆 Stanley Fung as 黎源 Yun
鄭欣宜 Joyce Cheng as 朱玉圓 Yuk
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 天使 Angel
Xiong came to Hong Kong and look for his friend San who then helped him to find a job. The honest Xiong met rich girl Yang and managed to win over her heart, but he always help others people and even helps his boss Yun to buy the coffee shop and sacrifice their migrate planning. 

San in another hand is getting worst and in the end wanna force Xiong to sell off his coffee shop to him. But an angel appeared and told Xiong that he was actually a good man and deserved a better life than suicide.
 L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment
Same like the previous I Love HK, most of the actors & actresses are from TVB. Its happy to see that they have chances to go on big screen which not all the celebrities have the chance. Overall the storyline is ok, a bit predictable, but its still ok~ I watched this old cny movie because of the cny, or else, this wont be in my "to-watch-list"~

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