Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gantz Part 1 殺戮都市 首部曲

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by 佐藤信介 Shinsuke Sato

Casted by:
二宮和也 Kazunari Ninomiya as 玄野計 Kei Kurono 
松山研一 Ken'ichi Matsuyama as 加藤勝 Masaru Kato 
吉高由里子 Yuriko Yoshitaka as 小島多惠 Tae Kojima 
Standing at a subway station a young man, Kurono, watches as his old primary school friend, Kato, attempt to rescue a man who has fallen onto the tracks. Kurono ends up on the tracks with Kato after the man has been rescued, just as a train is speeding through the station. The pair are surprised to find themselves not dead, but rather relocated to a room with a few other people. When they turn round they see a strange black sphere, about two meters in diameter.

Before they can discover what has happened, the sphere begins to display messages on its surface including one which tells them who to kill. After the messages the sphere projects two large drawers filled with metal brief cases and strange handguns. They find that they are part of a strange game where they must not only work out how to play, but also how to survive.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
Holly shit man, this movie is simply awesome~ Love the technique and the story based so much... Basically its nothing like the normal story, you will never expect and know what will be happening in the movie. Love the fighting scene of the actors versus the thousand hands Goddess... oh... I'm so gonna watch the part 2

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